Netflix Tests out New Feature Aiming to Replace Algorithms with Human-Curation

Netflix Tests out New Feature Aiming to Replace Algorithms with Human-Curation
The Siliconreview
27 August, 2019

Netflix is testing out a new feature called “Collections”. Currently available only on iOS, this move will replace the use of algorithms with human curation with the intent of offering a more human touch to its users and making the app more user-friendly. The service previously dug up movies which were stereotyped and over- watched; this new feature, much like the famous Apple Music, uses actual people so that Netflix users may have a refreshing and improved experience whilst browsing for something to watch.

 When asked about the feature, Netflix representative told TechCrunch

"We're always looking for new ways to connect our fans with titles we think they'll love, so we're testing out a new way to curate Netflix titles into collections on the Netflix iOS app. Our tests generally vary in how long they run for and in which countries they run in, and they may or may not become permanent features on our service."

This media giant, launched in 1998, has become the world’s foremost streaming services provider and enjoys a prominent presence worldwide. Since then, it has made many refinements and evolved from its archaic version which was more of an online movie rental service of-sorts. Launching multiple productionsof its own along with its vast digital library, Netflix has become an inseparable part of the lives of millions.

Here’s to hoping that this new move by Netflix enhances the process of Netflix and Chilling.