Growing Trend: Smithfield Rolls Out Plant-based Meat Products

Growing Trend: Smithfield Rolls Out Plant-based Meat Products
The Siliconreview
13 August, 2019

Smithfield Foods Inc, a Virginia-based meatpacking plants company, has rolled out soy-based meat products, Reuters reported on Monday. The growing demand for meat alternatives has led to new development.

According to the company, the new soy-based products include meatballs, burgers, and ground meat and starting next week; people can buy them the following stores: Target Corp, Sprouts Farmers Market Inc, and Kroger Co.

In an interview, John Pauley, Smithfield’s CTO shared few things. He told that the brand will be available at more than 5,000 retail stores by February next year. The company intends to branch out to the food services space, Mr. Pauley added. He did not share any further information about the plans.

Furthermore, Mr. Pauley believes that the company is more successful than its rivals because of its well-engineered production, supply chain infrastructure, marketing, and distribution network

In recent times, well-known meat producers and upstarts are foraying into the plant-based market because of the increasing number of consumers who prefer adding plant-based protein to their food. 

There are companies which are producing soy or pea protein-based sausages, burgers and imitation ground beef instead of the real meat. The companies are Maple Leaf Foods Inc, Tyson Foods Inc, Beyond Meat, and Impossible Foods.

In light of the growing concerns about animal welfare, health risks from eating meat, and the environmental hazards of intensive animal farming, the new plant-based concept is very promising indeed.