Cement made in space for the first time

Cement made in space for the first time
The Siliconreview
12 September, 2019

Astronauts at the International Space Station conducted an experiment where they made concrete in outer space for the first time. This flying space lab has long since been a hub for space experiments and a center for astronauts to capture and post intriguing pictures of outer space. The recent experiment that has been conducted involved scientists mixing an aqueous solution with tricalcium silicate in a pouch to concoct concrete without the presence of gravity. It is still mystery to see how these compounds will react and sustain outside the pouch in outer space.

"Increased porosity has direct bearing on the strength of the material, but we have yet to measure the strength of the space-formed material. Even though concrete has been used for so long on Earth, we still don't necessarily understand all the aspects of the hydration process. Now we know there are some differences between Earth- and space-based systems and we can examine those differences.” said Aleksandra Radlinska, a chief investigator of the experiment from Pennsylvania University.

These experiments are integral in determining the sustainability of life in outer space as it shows how earthen compounds react in space. The information from these experiments and studies conducted can prevent harmful radiation and other side effects in further experiments. The success of this experiment has been an important building block for further space studies.