EA’s Project Atlas is all set to trial run its service in real world

EA’s Project Atlas is all set to trial run its service in real world
The Siliconreview
10 September, 2019

EA made an announcement that there will be a closed launch of a technical trial for its Project Atlas cloud streaming services starting tonight at 10 pm PT/1 am ET. This trial will allow anyone with an EA Origin account to sign up and gain access to test EA’s under development cloud gaming service. The trial will begin tonight and it is expected to run for almost two weeks. Players who are selected by EA for the trial will be able to play Need for speed rivals, FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, and Unravel.

EA’s chief technology officer, Ken Moss stated that the company wants to check how the games perform in the real-world, particularly focusing on jitter and latency. Furthermore, the CTO stated that EA is working to leverage AWS and public cloud to bring the server as close to players as possible. The games mix was intended by the company to test different multiplayer gameplay factors such as lag, graphical demands, and genres across a wide variety of titles. The streaming tech will enable the players to access the services from a wide range of devices like, smartphones, OTT streaming devices, tablets, PC or Mac laptops, and smart TVs. The players will be able to play and interact with others and the testers can sync their game progress to retail PC versions at the end of the trial. 

There is no definite release date from EA about the launch of Project Atlas but EA’s trial is seen as an early step with limited scope. The company is now ahead of its competition like Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia by offering trial run to regular customers.