Novameat lands funding to produce plant based substitutes for steaks

Novameat lands funding to produce plant based substitutes for steaks
The Siliconreview
06 September, 2019

With veganism rapidly growing in popularity, numerous venture capitalists have been pouring increasingly high amounts of money into startups that produce and sell alternatives for animal-based proteins. A Spanish startup named Novameat has landed fresh investment from a reputed venture capitalist to develop its technology to 3D print plant-based beef steak. The newly acquired capital will be used for accelerating its technology that would allow it to print out other meat substitutes that are fibrous and mimic the texture and the feel of actual meat.

Moreover, Novameat also claims that the meats it produces would also mimic the nutritional value, appearance and the fibrous and meaty taste that real meat would have. Founded by a biomedical engineer, Novameat claims to have perfected the technology to develop lab-grown cuts of muscle meat, which has eluded some of the top artificial meat producers who have only been able to produce replacements for ground meat. At the company’s heart lies a one-of-a-kind 3D printer that can print out fibrous muscle tissues that could all be bunched together to produce a juicy and succulent piece of steak.

Meat consumption has been linked to various kinds of diseases and has been identified as a contributing factor for climate change. Plant-based meat substitutes such as those developed by Novameat can go a long way in improving global food supply and bring down costs of meat.