Samsung launch date set for Galaxy Fold in South Korea

Samsung launch date set for Galaxy Fold in South Korea
The Siliconreview
05 September, 2019

After months of delay, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has finally been set for the 6th of September. Set to be inaugurated in South Korea, this awaited mobile from the leviathan corporation is the first in the world to produce a foldable model. What sets this foldable smartphone apart is that this 4.6-inch model opens up into a 7.3-inch tablet.  It is set to compete with Huawei which is also putting out a foldable model which is set to release later this year.

"Now, we're excited to release this pioneering mobile technology, and allow consumers to experience it for themselves," said Kwon Oh-Hyun, the Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics.

But this exquisite model is priced at an extravagant $1980 which brings in the question of its affordability. Samsung also declared in a statement that it will soon begin sales in other countries like Europe and the USA but did not specify on a date. The smartphone was initially set to release in April this year but had to be delayed due to the presence of some technical glitches. Since then, the company had made many reforms in order to strengthen the hardware of the phone and adding more reinforcements before setting the new launch date.