Vivaldi Rolls out new Mobile Browser

Vivaldi Rolls out new Mobile Browser
The Siliconreview
10 September, 2019

Vivaldi Technologies, which is owned by Opera Software’s founders, has launched a mobile browser for Android OS. The move will foster its ambitions towards the development of the best web browsing experience.

It is learnt from First Post website that the new browser will be packed with features such as private browsing, bookmark manager, tabbed browsing, and more including speed dials, ‘Notes’, and ‘Capture’ feature. 

According to the company, Speed Dials are nothing but opening apps without typing it in the address bar. Since it is user customisable, users have the option to remove the default pages if they don’t like it and then include new websites of their choice and organise them into folders.

The browser will support both dark and light themes. It automatically selects the default theme tochoose the system. The company’s design for the browser tries to offer a user-friendly UI that makes navigation seamless. Therefore, users don’t have to follow multiple steps to open some menus; it can just be carried out by tapping one or two times.

The bookmarks, history, notes, and downloads option is located on the bottom left side of the browser. One of the clinical features includes the filter present in the downloading section. It will display the entire downloaded file based on the file format.

Another unique feature is the ‘Notes’; it’s more likely that a user would use a standalone note-taking app rather than an in-built app. It allows users to create a regular note along with checklists. The notes can be sync across various devices.