Volkswagen unveils ID.3 at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

Volkswagen unveils ID.3 at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019
The Siliconreview
10 September, 2019

Volkswagen introduced the final version of the company’s budget-friendly long-range car, ID.3, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is currently priced at $33,180 and comes with three variants which can offer approximately 205 and 340 miles of range. The delivery of EV is scheduled to be in mid-2020. VW is yet to reveal the pricing for a larger capacity variant and it is expected to feature 58kWh and 77kWh which can offer up to 420 and 550 km per charge. The base version of ID.3 can charge up to 50kW if the owner wants to charge faster (100kW) they have to pay extra. The 100kW charge is standard for the midrange 58kWh version whereas the higher-end models will feature faster 125kWh charging.

The ID.3 resembles the company’s popular Golf hatchback model and it has all the abilities to be an important car for VW. This will be the company’s first vehicle to be built on a new modular of all-electric platform. Furthermore, this module will power more cars and SUVs for VW’s future in addition to EVs. For now, the German automaker has no plans to release the car in the US and also they are not clear about selling the car in China.

The new ID.3 might look like an updated version of Golf when viewed from outside but the company says that the car will be roomier on the inside. VW hinted that other I.D. brand cars will be made with autonomy, but the ID.3 will only feature a few sets of basic driver assistance features like lane assist and automatic emergency feature.