Are You Healthy Enough to Lose Weight?

Are You Healthy Enough to Lose Weight?
The Siliconreview
11 Febuary, 2020

Obviously you have heard that you should lose weight so you can avoid such health risks causing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and stroke. Most probably yes, you had.

What if we tell you that it is not true? Yes, you got it right…

It is the opposite! You need to be healthy first before you can actually lose weight. Your body gives you the sign, in other words you are fat because some area of your body is unhealthy. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke and Obesity are all the result (symptoms) of the same thing – an unhealthy body.
Somehow, someone has assigned obesity as a primary cause or a disease, when in reality it is an effect or result of something else.

The problem is in the way of approach. We should not address the problem (let’s say weight-loss or toning sagging skin or etc.); we should go reverse (to the cause, unhealthy lifestyle, physical condition, health condition, poor nutrition and etc.). The key is to eliminate the cause. If you have stubborn weight problems, you have unhealthy hormones.

You can’t be healthy and fat at the same time.

Why? Cause the nature of human body functions is a different way. Human body can’t and won’t release fat until it’s at a certain level of health. If you look into how does human body functions, we will be surprised. For this we need to understand the purpose of fat. It is a survival mechanism, and the body will not let go of fat until the sugar are not available anymore.

Interestingly, sugar can come from two sources: diet or stress.

Stress triggers the hormone called cortisol, which has the ability to convert body proteins into sugar fuel.

You could force your body to lose weight by taking an appetite suppressant, drinking canned diet shakes with high-fructose corn syrup or starving yourself; but this would not be the optimum solution, as it would give you a bigger problem down the road.

Also, with an action of fixing your weight-loss problem with dieting (counting calories and cutting them) and typical exercise, without first finding out what problem you have is not the best approach either.

Weight-loss will be much difficult because you are focusing on the wrong goal – weight-loss (which is addressing the problem, not the cause).

Here solution and correct goal is to create healthier glands and hormones. The weight-loss will be a bonus of having a healthier body.

That’s why, Body Design EMS Fitness Dubaitry to go deeper and get thorough analysis so you can no longer treat the symptoms and focus on the right goal. Once you shift your attention to the right goal, you will see how things started to change.

Your weight (stubborn fat) is the SYMPTOM – not the CAUSE!

We highly recommend you to shift your energy and actions to FIX the CAUSE by creating healthier lifestyle and body so you can forget about problems. 

For instance, have you ever seen a man with excessive amount of fat on the belly (pot belly)? Most probably yes, but what is the reason for that? Scientifically, when liver cannot function as it supposed to, it starts storing the fat more in the belly area.

And, what leads to improper functioning of the liver? Yes, causes are various, however we have to admit, the inappropriate lifestyle and mostly poor nutrition are the main ones.

Now, this was just an example, but major one. Hopefully it leads to the right conclusion that our body gives us signs and our primary goal is to spot those signs and act accordingly.

Your weight-loss journey should begin with the right analysis so you can avoid one of the biggest traps. The trap of wasting your time for something which doesn’t work for you… Sadly, there is no universal remedy or pathway that works for all of us. We are individual, so our bodies are. Thus, the right way to approach the problem will be eliminating the cause not the symptom.

Here at Body Design EMS Fitness we analyze and understand the cause and Customize the approach accordingly so you can save your time and achieve your goal as fast as possible (either it is a weight-loss, toning, reshaping, gaining muscles or rehab workout).

Along with Customizing your workout we Modify your nutrition pattern so we are sure that achieving your goal will be beneficial on the long run. Body Design EMS Fitness highly recommends you to focus on the right solution – getting healthier and eliminating the cause so you can benefit in multiple ways.

Contact us so you can achieve your goal as fast as possible and save your time and have peace of mind.

I'm Simran, a marketing manager for EMS Fitness Dubai  & also a passionate  blogger.