Cover Letter Examples to Inspire You

Cover Letter Examples to Inspire You
The Siliconreview
11 Febuary, 2020

Did you know that 40 percent of companies refuse applicants if they do not send a cover letter or if it is written incorrectly? More than 52% of employers send a job offer to a candidate, considering the cover letter along with education and experience. Do you want to be among those lucky ones who survive all the cuts and land a dream job offer? Then it is time for you to know all the features of cover email writing and check examples of effective cover letters.

What to focus on writing a cover letter?

  • Style of a cover letter - stay business-like, but avoid office and cliched phrases. If the corporate culture of the company is rather creative and non-standard, you can do some creative work for your cover letter.
  • Structure of a cover letter - a standard cover letter consists of a greeting (write down the name of the person you are addressing your cover letter to), a body part, and a conclusion. 
  • Size of a cover letter - try to make your letter readable in 10 seconds.
  • Content of a cover letter - do not duplicate the text from the resume and write information from a perspective of how an employer will benefit from hiring you.

In order for the employer to invite you for an interview, your cover letter should have a clear structure but not be a templated solution. So instead of writing some general phrases and your non-specific benefits, you can be inspired by the examples of non-standard cover letters we have collected for you here.

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Strategies to cover letter writing

There are some tricks to make your cover letter really outstanding and easy to remember, just like any from the below examples we cover.

Show emotions

The employer wants to hire not a robot with a set of skills but a living person who is inspired by what he is doing and receives genuine pleasure from it. Writing experts from advise to demonstrate this in your writing, as in the examples below:

  • Many argue that loving trading statistics is abnormal. If so, then I'm really crazy. If you relate to this the same way I do, we will certainly work together.
  • From the age of 10, I consulted relatives and friends for free on issues of style and appearance, but then I realized it’s nice to get paid for it. Your job as a stylist is exactly what I need.
  • I recently passed a career counseling test. It showed my future work should be related to maritime trade, which made me very happy. I could not even think I could combine my passion for the sea with the work until I came across your vacancy.
  • When I was 6 years old, I was impressed by street performers and living statues. I even wanted to be like them when I grew up. Fortunately, now my ambitions are bigger, but the desire to attract people and speak to the audience remains the same. This quality makes me an excellent manager.

In each of the above examples of cover letters, emotions and humanity are easy to see. This is what will definitely make the recruiter remember you or smile. Such cover letter examples definitely work!

Show your interest in the company

If you are a fan of the products of this company, show knowledge of the product and willingness to sell it in your cover writing. The main thing here is not to overdo.

  • My labrador found this vacancy for me, he wants to accompany me to work every day. I became interested in the vacancy and began to learn more. Now, I know how radically you want to change the idea of ​​SMS chat; I dream of joining a team to have a hand in this.
  • As a child, I wanted to be a GEICO gecko. Over time, I realized this was stupid, but, seeing the logo of a familiar organization next to the post of administrator, I realized it was my fate.
  • Once, half an hour before my first dinner party, I realized I had forgotten to purchase a bottle of champagne. As a result, I had to search for product delivery on Google. This is how I found you and became your regular customer. Since then, I can’t get out of my head the thought I want to tell consumers about your service.

Almost each of the above cover letter examples not only shows a candidate knows what a company does but also tells the story. People love being told stories.

Tell about your specific skills and achievements

Since the employer is primarily interested in your professionalism, there is no better way to attract his attention than an honest story about your advantages, skills, and professional achievements. Use the examples we cover for inspiration.

Use any resume cover letter example from the following list for inspiration:

  • My ex-boss used to say that with such communication skills, I can negotiate with terrorists. I think these skills will help me as the administrator of your company.
  • For the past three years, I have managed internal communications at a company with 2,500 employees. Now, I can make a quarterly report even if you wake me up at night. This experience will allow me to make many useful changes in the planning of company communications.
  • I spent the last 15 years optimizing the work process. I find ineffective strategies, change and modernize them, which positively affects team productivity. This is how I got three promotions in my last workplace. 

Outline your skills and achievements in an easy-to-assess way, so your potential employer could apply your skill set to a particular position. Use the above examples to adjust your cover letter to the vacancy you are going to apply to.

Add creativity and humor

Imagine how a person feels when he reads hundreds of cover emails of the same type. If you manage to make the employer smile, you will be remembered and get a long-awaited interview invitation. 

  • I am extremely grateful for the chance to realize myself as an administrator of marketing projects. Thank you for your trust. Okay, I know you have not approved my candidacy yet, but here are a couple of ideas I would implement in this post (mention a few of them).
  • At first, I thought nothing would demonstrate my passion for online shopping as a bank statement. But then I decided nothing would be better than writing this letter and telling about my ideas will help raise your business to a new level.

Use your charisma and sense of humor in a cover letter to interest your employer. Follow the examples!

What else is important?

How to achieve success and win all your competitors? How to ensure your cover letter hits the goal and bring you an interview invitation? Here are some cool life hacks and examples to use.

  • Use the human factor - Just imagine writing a letter to a friend, explaining why you are a successful specialist. 
  • Learn the company philosophy - Check products, features, and services of a company you are applying to. This knowledge will prove you an interested specialist.
  • Add details - A person is more likely to believe in a story accompanied by small details. They will make your story interesting, regardless of what you write about.
  • The easier - the better - Avoid long sentences and abstruse words. Use them only when you are sure the employer knows their meaning. Pay attention to the style and structure of a cover letter.
  • Formatting - It is important not only what content you cover but also how you write it. Always double check for grammar. Proper formatting, smartly selected font, easy-to-follow structure - all this demonstrates your efforts, just like all the above examples cover.  

We are ready to invest in your professional future!

A cover letter is an integral part of your job application. That’s why it should be approached with special attention and care. And we are ready to assist you with the business. Share the information about your knowledge, skills, and professional experience with us - and we will transform it into a goal-reaching text to never leave an employer indifferent.