How useful is it to learn modern Greek in 2020?

How useful is it to learn modern Greek in 2020?
The Siliconreview
07 Febuary, 2020

Having command in Modern Greek opens up the door to know about a civilization that evolved out from the Classical, Byzantine, as well as Ottoman pasts. The evolution started and that continued till the Greek Diaspora, which moved thousands of Cypriot and Greek immigrants to move towards the United States. The opportunity to learn the modern Greek language should not be missed by the young students. It offers them the scope to get students better access to the rich history of Greek and Cypriot besides enjoying deeper understanding as well as appreciation in regards to the rich and contemporary culture of ancient Greek people. 

It is quite known that Greek is one such language that contains philosophy, besides being the language of STEAM. STEAM can be defined as the acronym related to areas of science, engineering, technology, art, and architecture, besides mathematics. Knowing the Greek language provides students a deeper knowledge about this terminology and allows accessing the same through the original form. You will be surprised to know the fact that in recent times, Greek artists, writers, and even filmmakers get special recognition in the United States for the huge contribution they made to the industry and global society at large.

Greek is among the oldest languages on this earth and so Greek language learning will help in digging out many unknown histories. There are several words which you will find in the English dictionary that is sourced from the Greek Language. You will be glad to know the fact that 35 percent of sourced English words are from the Greek words. Students who take the pain to learn this amazing language will end knowing the tricks to identify the root words and will be in a position to have a better vocabulary in English. 

Greek is one such language that is spoken as well as used for communication across different nations, civilizations, and peoples. It represents multiculturalism in Language. If you discuss the importance of this language from a career point of view then we must say that Learning Modern Greek gives access to many opportunities in various fields of history as well as archaeology. It is always good to know additional languages and who knows where and how it can help in your life and even in the career aspect too.

From another point of view, let's think about why we should learn this language. Knowing the language will help you when you are traveling to Greece or even Cyprus where this language is spoken by the locals. It will help you in interacting with the local peoples and may enjoy excellent services and even your travel guide can serve you better. Knowing the history and culture of the nation will be quite easy when you are competent in the language. You will find it easy to read the street signs, getting an idea of what served in the menu and also offering the correct direction to the taxi driver while navigating on the streets of Greece. We hope we gave you the sneak peek about how important Modern Greek language learning is in 2020.