Tech Trends That Will Change The Way We Consume In 2020

Tech Trends That Will Change The Way We Consume In 2020
The Siliconreview
13 Febuary, 2020

The new year is upon us, and with it, a plethora of new technologies that will change the way we live, eat, work and travel over the coming decade. But which tech trends will make a real impact on consumer behaviours in 2020? These are my guesses…

Personalised mobile healthcare

We all know healthcare has taken a kicking over the last couple of years, from Obamacare to Medicaid to the latest political nonsense that has prevented everyday Americans from accessing basic healthcare. Thankfully, in the wake of breakout innovations across the industry, healthcare will become more mobile and more personalised in 2020. Telemedicine will become a thing, medical staff will soon be available via text, and medication will become personalised, delivering efficiencies in a system that until now has largely failed. Personalised care is a complete rethink of the healthcare system, and can also involve highly customised concierge services at medical centers, getting health recommendations from virtual assistants, and using mobile apps to book appointments - and even get there with specialised rideshare apps.

Autonomous vehicles will hit the roads

Though it still seems scarily futuristic and Star Trek-y, Elon Musk has basically come out and confirmed that this is happening. In an interview in 2019, the tech leader said, “From our standpoint, if you fast forward a year, maybe a year and three months, but next year for sure, we’ll have over a million Robo-taxis on the road.” At the same time, people are concerned that legislation hasn’t quite caught up with the idea of having fully autonomous, self-driving cars on the roads - just yet. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see the first models out in public in 2020.

Leveraging mortgage apps to empower consumer shopping

Online lead generators such as ARLO and Quicken Rocket Mortgage continue to innovate the loan shopping experience with free calculators that illustrate real-time interest rates and APR. These free tools help prospective borrowers shop and compare the best of 2020’s mortgage lenders. With lenders embracing new technology you can expect more online product shopping from lead generating websites throughout the new year.   

Going green will dominate in the product space

This one makes me particularly happy. Apparently, the golden age of greenwashing is over, and corporations have at last realised they need to spend money and make practical, ethical changes to their business practises if they wish to survive into the next decade. People have recognised at last that the earth’s natural resources are finite, and it’s no longer a problem for left wing activists - it’s everyone’s problem. As a result, the rise of renewables will fuel new demands in 2020, and companies will begin churning out greener, ‘smarter’, more energy-efficient products. In the tech space itself, we will see more and more public financing of sustainably-oriented tech startups, and mobile applications will become more heavily focused on supporting green habits, be it through ride sharing, the reduction of plastic, waste management  - even the sharing of leftover food to prevent food waste.