5 Best Marketing Automation Platforms for 2020: Here’s the Real Deal!

5 Best Marketing Automation Platforms for 2020: Here’s the Real Deal!
The Siliconreview
05 March, 2020

If business growth is on your mind and you are running a small or medium sized business that definitely wants to do bigger things, then you have reached the right place. Now, before we actually unravel the list for marketing automation platforms for the year 2020, we would like to take you on a short journey through some insights to help you understand what marketing automation softwares should do for and deliver to your business as well as your prospects. Here’s a quick list:

Seamless Team Work

How you work for your team and how your team works for you would be the two biggest drivers on which your business success can be riding especially in the year 2020. With the multiplication of opportunities in the last decade and the expansion of competition along all niches, it would be safe to say that it would be worthwhile to cultivate a smart team more than anything else. And to equip a smart team, you would need to give them tools, resources, bandwidth and time. This would include the elimination of all monotonous tasks which is where a marketing automation platform steps in. Also, with such a platform, you would be able to do away with chaos when it comes to tasks and the allocation of the said tasks in the sale pipeline to a certain member or a number of members in the team. This would also make seamless collaboration within the team since there will be a clear signal and demarcation of when the task of one member finishes and the next member must step in. In such a case, tasks do not get missed either and duplication of efforts can also be easily avoided. 


When you have a small business that wants to make it big, the biggest constraint that you will face would be the budget - or rather, in many cases, the lack of it. But should this necessarily hold you back? We think not! With a tool like marketing automation, you can reach out to a number of prospects with a small team and make the most of it with a small investment. A marketing automation software should not be looked at as a liability or an expense, but as an investment and an asset that can help you grow with the minimum investment possible. This is due to a number of reasons. You can reach clients globally with the CRM and marketing automation integration thanks to the platform that you would be using. This is due to the fact that marketing automation toolsalso give you better reach and engagement to get to your client irrespective of the geographical location where he or she may be. And with the automation at play, a smaller number of team members and employees can easily achieve these tasks. 

Professional Front

When you are using a marketing automation platform, you can be sure that you are putting up a professional front with customized templates and features that work in your branding so that there is instant brand recall value in each and every deliverable that goes out from your side. This will make people sit up and take notice since the effort may not be much, but the look and feel makes it trustworthy and sophisticated at the very first glance. This would be helpful in building authenticity and authority in your niche so that people can relate to your brand or business as a professional one that is out to do business the absolute right way. 

Here are the top five marketing automation and CRM integrated platforms that you can use for your business growth in the year 2020, and onwards:


Now, this is without a doubt one of the best marketing automation software out there in the world today. The testament of this lies in the fact that Engage Bay has over 12000 happy and well serviced clients all over the world who have managed to take their business forward with the features and tools that are available on the platform. Further, with the careful integration of marketing automation as well as CRM, EngageBay has managed to create a full suite of features that leaves no stone unturned, and no corner unserviced. thanks to its all-encompassing set of features that cover social media, landing pages, email marketing, SEO, blogs, and so much more. The best part about EngageBay marketing automation is the fact that it is extremely affordable even for the smallest of businesses, easy to setup and use and even offers constant support which very few platforms have as of now.


This is a platform that is mainly concentrated around email marketing and it provides a number of features and services that even take you into the land of template design and AB testing so that you can track the efficacy and reach of your emails to plan better campaigns for all times to come. Yet, it does not offer all the features that you can find with a platform like EngageBay since it is mainly concentrated around CRM for email marketing. 


This is another marketing automation toolthat can help you generate and nurture leads with well-designed campaigns basically for the email marketing segment. In terms of marketing automation, this can be a pretty limiting thing although in its niche segment, Drip seems to be doing pretty well. The CRM platform is also pretty robust here. 


This is a marketing automation platform that makes use of a number of different styles of promotions like contests and giveaways but it is also mainly concentrated around email marketing which is not the most helpful when you are looking to automate all areas of your marketing and CRM operations. 


As one of the direct competitions of MailChimp, GetResponse can also be termed as one of the oldest players in this niche. It basically revolves all your marketing and CRM efforts around email marketing and hence the business would have to come with its own leads and data for this platform to give it successful campaigns.