7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Trying (But Should)

7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Trying (But Should)
The Siliconreview
11 March, 2020

Is something missing from your LinkedIn marketing plan?

Maybe it’s more than “something.” Maybe it’s the whole enchilada.

Look, marketers know what it feels like to fail. Every missed opportunity to convert a new prospect counts as a failure. In this game, you build thick skin over a suit of relentless optimism — or you get out of the business and into a more forgiving line of work.

Let’s assume you’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. How should you work to improve your LinkedIn marketing plan without vaporizing your scarce business development resources?

Consider these seven strategies, to start. If your peers are any indication, you probably haven’t, yet.

1) Maximize Your Connectivity

You know how to find people on LinkedIn (and if not, read that refresher). Why wouldn’t you want to maximize your connectivity on a platform that rewards the well-connected?

It’s not just about raising your connections count. It’s about making your business look every bit as big as it should. If you have current employees who haven’t listed your company as their place of work, you’re doing it wrong.

2) Keep Branding Consistent Across Your Entire LinkedIn Ecosystem

Show, don’t tell, your prospects that you care about your brand. A great LinkedIn profile isn’t complete without consistent branding, as modeled in Freeway Insurance’s LinkedIn page. Which means standardized color schemes, imagery, language, and other hallmarks of your organization.

3) Publish One Piece of High-Quality Content to LinkedIn (And Only LinkedIn) Every Week

Call it your “LinkedIn exclusive scoop” if that’s not too corny (and it probably is). The point being to make your LinkedIn profile a bookmark-worth stop on your prospects’ information-gathering journey. It’s important to promote your LinkedIn exclusives on other social media channels, but don’t repost them right away.

 4) Run LinkedIn-Exclusive Promotions for Your Connections

Another great “LinkedIn exclusive” tactic is the LinkedIn-only promotion. What better way to enhance the value you hope to provide each and every LinkedIn connection than to give those connections a chance to profit from it?

5) Change Your Profile and Background Images Often

Check out these tips to take the perfect profile picture and apply them as needed (and as often as the mood strikes) to your own LinkedIn properties. Variety is the spice of life.

6) Post Marketing Videos on LinkedIn First

On the off chance that one goes viral, your LinkedIn page will benefit from being the source. Like your original written content, keep these videos exclusive to LinkedIn for a suitable interval. Only then should you post them on YouTube or wherever else.

7) Send Personal Messages to Prospects without Overdoing It

Modify these professional email pointers to suit the shorter, less flashy confines of LinkedIn’s messaging app. And don’t spam or cloy — each message should have a purpose and a point.

All Work and No Play…

Who said professional networking had to be boring? People who don’t enjoy it, that’s who. Painful as networking can be for introverts, they’re wrong — because LinkedIn and other digital networking tools have made it way more bearable.

Daresay, fun.

That’s right. An effective LinkedIn marketing strategy also has the potential (if not the likelihood) to be downright fun. Talk about a welcome relief from the daily grind.