Benefits of Using a Large-Format Printing Shop for Small Businesses

Benefits of Using a Large-Format Printing Shop for Small Businesses
The Siliconreview
04 March, 2020

By 2018, the commercial printing industry was already worth $87 billion. Moreover, the market for large-format printers is projected to increase by around 10% by 2020. Why is this so? This is because more and more businesses and companies are turning to large-format printers to help them grow. A large-format printing shop could assist your business in developing numerous marketing materials that can also be used to brighten things in the store or office. This also gives you a massive space to advertise your products, services, and business. The high visibility of your graphics, images, and texts helps you deliver your brand message efficiently and to a broad audience. Below are some of the benefits of using large-format printing for your business.

Benefits of Large-Format Printing

With its reduced cost, as well as a lasting impression, wide-format printing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools today. It has several benefits:

Great high-impact advertising platform

By employing this droplet technology, your business can create clear and sharp images and contents that are visible from a distance. This helps foster and increase your brand recognition. The information about your discounts and deals on large printed material will immediately catch the eye of prospective clients when they are within your targeted region. Large-format printing is also an ideal way to entice your potential clients attending exhibitions or trade shows. It assists you in standing out from the competition, and providing a clever call-to-action in your large display will generate many leads for your business.

Print on demand

Unlike the conventional offset printing, which can only print in bulk, the wide-format printing allows you to print only the amount you need. This helps reduce unwanted surplus and cover unnecessary costs.


Some of the large-format printing is mounted outside. For instance, posters and billboards are placed outside for long periods. This means that they maintain the display quality of your brand. Large-formatting is capable of withstanding constant exposure to different weather elements since they are made from UV-resistant and durable materials.

It's fast.

Often, digital printing and large-format printing use the same production processes. This implies that large-format printing can provide the same speed done through digital printing. This shows that you can have your posters, banners, and other adverts printed off on a tight schedule.

Creates less waste

In the wake of environmental concerns and sustainability, businesses are looking for more ways to reduce their waste and protect the environment. By using traditional offset printing, you'll be required to print in bulk, and this will leave your business with a lot of surpluses, which will eventually end up in the trash. However, with large-format printing, you can print on demand to get just what you need and don't need to worry about extras.

Why You Should Use a Wide-Format Printing Shop for Your Business

Making your business stand out

Although hand-written and hand-painted signs are charming, they can't do the trick in the modern competitive world. Unless you're running a small store business, you'll limit your business by taking your valuable time and money to make every sign by hand or hire an artist. You can save the company's resources by leasing or purchasing a wide-format printing company that will help make your business stand out. Your marketing materials won't only make a lasting impression, but also show your clients will mean serious business. You can also display your adverts in a public area with top-notch posters and banners, while at the same time, boosting your product and brand awareness.

Reduced costs

Most people and businesses still fancy the good old conventional printing press. However, when it comes to printing large marketing products when on a budget, large-format is the best option. Since the large-format printers will be printing digitally, you won't be required to have the heavy and expensive plates to use when developing your high-quality prints. For instance, you might need a new business card, the small-format printing reference. You'll take an eternity to cut each card, develop stamp, get the correct ink, and stamp every card.

Wrapping the company vehicle

No one wants to let a single business opportunity pass them by. That's why your business must brand its vehicles and take your products and services on the road. If you have your staff spending a lot of time driving around, then the business can miss out on great potential clientele. It's for this reason that using a large-format printer to wrap the company vehicle is a perfect idea. Other motorists on the road will recognize and remember your brand when they search for your services next time.

Making customized window films

If your business doesn't have a massive blank wall, you don't have to worry. If the business space has several large windows, lucky for you. You can use a large-format printer to customize window films for your particular promotions. These can be placed on the windows of your storage spaces and office.

Attracting more trade show booth visitors

Trade show posters are crucial if you're looking to drive more attention to the next trade show. This is an essential way to market your business brand to your future partners and clients. It's why making advertisements for your booth with a large-format printer is the number one way to stand out from the rest. You can also come up with unique booklets, banners, and brochures you can hand out at your shows.

Announcing a new product or location in style

If you're looking for the perfect way of marketing your company's new branch or product, then your business can make use of a large-format printer to get the word out. One of the most effective ways of advertising your brand's services to date is by printing out fliers. This way, you'll get hold of your customer's attention right there and then. Even if the technology is moving at a tremendous pace, it's still easy to scroll through the many ads. Unlike digital flyers, with paper flyers, your clients can tuck them in their purses or bags and take them home.

Making high-quality imagery telling your story

Every business would benefit immensely by utilizing high-quality designs in their marketing campaigns, showing who they are as a brand. Image marketing or advertising makes a massive impact since they grab the readers' attention sending a message, even without giving everything away. This makes prospective customers want to learn more about the brand. It's much better to use colorful images than just give a simple text. A large-format printer will help bring your brand story to life.

How Files Should Be Prepared to Create the Perfect Final Product

Because of the size of the materials being printed, the preparation of files is an important aspect to consider to make sure you come up with a high-quality product. Therefore, when designing the files, you need to be sure of the maximum width of most of the large-format printers. The length will be determined by the material being used. For the roll-to-roll printing materials and banners, the length can just be as you want.

To get the best-quality images, you have to use the highest resolution file possible to ensure the quality isn't compromised when enlarged. Besides, you must keep in mind that the printers will print in the normal CMYK format. Therefore, making your files in these separations will produce the best results.

Ideal Products for the Large-Format Printing Process

One of the most versatile things with large-format printing is the fact that it can be the perfect printing process for many products. Here are some of the most common products that large-format printing is used for:

  • Yard signs
  • Posters
  • Tradeshow signage
  • Banners
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Wall and floor graphics

Types of Printers Used for the Large-Format

The large-format printing presses are mostly either roll-to-roll printers, flatbed printers, or a combo of both. With the flatbed printers, a substrate is normally placed on the bed, acting as a carrier propelling material through the printer. During the printing process, UV light hits the liquid ink, turning it into solid ink on the selected substrate. The flatbed printers are ideal for printing directly on less traditional or thicker substrates.

The roll-to-roll printer, which is the most common, is used to print material such as printed pieces, canvas, or banners on flexible materials that come on a roll. They are perfect for the long runs of flexible material since the process can be streamlined, and production can be done faster and with less interruption.

Now that you know everything about large-format printing, you can begin working on your marketing strategy. Click here to learn more about the large-format printer, and even go ahead to make an order for one. Take your business to the next level with a large-format printer.