iBoysoft Data Recovery - Save Deleted and Lost Files

iBoysoft Data Recovery - Save Deleted and Lost Files
The Siliconreview
11 March, 2020

iBoysoft is a starter company which specializes in developing data recovery software and disk management utilities for both Windows and Mac OS. iBoysoft Data Recovery and iBoysoft NTFS for Mac are its flagship products, which earn great reputation from thousands of users. Their marketing department reached out asking for a test of their data recovery software a few weeks ago. We find it a great alternative if you are looking for a data recovery program.

The review is based on our real testing and our objective opinions.

The software has Windows version and Mac version. We tested the Mac version data recovery software on our MacBook Pro 2018. Keep reading to see what you can expect from this software from iBoysoft.

Key Capabilities:

  1. Deleted Files Recovery. The software can undelete files even after you have emptied the Trash.
  2. APFS Files Recovery. The paid editions can restore data from APFS- or encrypted APFS-formatted volumes, which is essential if your Mac is running macOS 10.13 and later because APFS is the default file system in those OS versions.
  3. Formatted Disk Data Recovery. If the disk is fully formatted on a computer or on a digital device like a camera, the software can retrieve the files from the formatted storage devices.
  4. Lost and Missing Files Recovery. If the external hard drive suddenly becomes unrecognized/corrupted/unreadable/unmounted, it can help get back your lost files successfully.
  5. Unbootable Mac Data Recovery. When the Mac fails to fully boot up, the paid versions can still recover the valuable data on the Mac in the Recovery Mode.

The software has free version and paid versions. The free version allows users to free scan the disk and recover data free of charge up to 1GB. In fact, if you just delete a few important pictures, documents or a couple video clips, free version can meet the needs very well without paying a penny.

We will share our testing process in next section to illustrate how the software recover deleted and lost files.

How to Recover Deleted and Lost Files with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

The data recovery process is simpler than other data recovery I tested before. Generally speaking, the data recovery can be done within a few clicks. When you see the user interface of iBoysoft Data Recovery, you intuitively know what to do.

Step 1:We downloaded, installed and launched the iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac Free version on our MacBook Pro 2018. Since we are running the latest macOS Catalina on our laptop, we enabled the software to have the Full Disk Access to our drives attached to Mac.


Step 2: We selected the “working resource” volume where we deleted a lot of pictures (we didn’t count) on purpose to test its capability to scan for deleted files. Here is a small trick. The software has two scan modes. In its user’s manual, iBoysoft recommends people use Quick scan for deleted files, so we unchecked the “Deep scan” option at the left lower corner which was automatically checked after we selected the volume. Then we click on the “Scan” button.


Step 3: To our surprise, within two minutes, the software found all deleted pictures some of which we even didn’t know when we deleted under the Type category. By simply clicking on the name of a picture, the thumbnail and other details were shown up right at the right. We could tell all of them were recoverable.


Step 4: We selected a few pictures we wanted to get back and clicked on the “Recover” button. Until then, we needed to upgrade to Professional edition for recovery because the free version doesn’t support APFS data recovery. We got a license key from iBoysoft and successfully recovered the pictures to another volume instead of “working resource” volume.

If you are going to recover lost or missing data due to formatting or disk corruption, you had better keep “Deep scan” option checked before you click on the “Scan” button.


iBoysoft Data Recovery is an effective data recovery tool with high success rate. It works well for hard drives, SD cards, pen drives and other storage drives. After testing, the only thing we don’t like is its slow deep scanning. However, if you have a lot of important data and have time waiting, we don’t really think it should be a reason for not trying it. If you have tried other software but they failed to salvage your data, iBoysoft Data Recovery is an alternative you can trust.