Promo video ideas to reach your target audience

Promo video ideas to reach your target audience
The Siliconreview
25 March, 2020

Nowadays you do not need to have great equipment and resources to get that engagement that we all want to create to apply videos. To have ideas for marketing videos you need to be original, imagine and create that video you are looking for and use it in your video strategy.

Here I will show you several examples that will make you see the world of video marketing as you have never seen it before. Many possibilities and only one objective. Be seen and shared. I think that if your advertising cannot live, it is dead. You have to love it, that you hook the user with valuable content. But not only with kind words, but with facts. Offer what you have but in the best possible way. Do not try to reach everyone. Focus on your goal, segment, and you will reach your target audience.

Ideas for Explanatory Videos

Many times we see a mobile application or software or even any electronic product that we do not know to use. And the last thing we do is look in the attached instructions. We are more about touching, watching, short videos to explain a service or product. Its function is to make the user understand this in a much more visual way. We get conversion rates to grow a lot and thanks to a promotional video that makes the product even closer and easier to understand. And one can always use a promotional video maker such as InVideo to make such videos.

Ideas for Tutorial Videos or Screencast

If something is fashionable, one can always search for video tutorials or screencasts. These are videos with screen recording where we can achieve many things just by following a video on YouTube for 10 minutes. It is an excellent alternative, and if you are consistent, you can get to hook the client with some great free videos. And that may be divided into chapters. Let's give an example of 10 sections on how to use the adobe premiere. Only sample 3 for free and the fourth could already be making a subscription to your channel. A way to gain followers to your videos and your spectacular and practical post.

Ideas for Interactive Videos

The plans for marketing videos do not come alone. And thanks to the option of inserting some amazing promo video templates in it that are present in certain promotional video makers such as InVideo. If we can create interaction and different endings so that in the end, the client gets what he seeks enjoyably, by playing. I will give you several examples. Thousands of ideas fly over your head, make them land and start interacting with the audience. Now, this option is disabled on YouTube because mobile devices are not displayed.

Ideas for Demonstrative Videos

It is very similar to the explanatory, but this is straight to the point. More so as they are becoming very fashionable illustrations as a kind of drawings that are moving through a stage. Then some animations make a small character or several come to life and teach you in a clip of about a minute the process of a job, or anything else. These animations are created in different ways. I usually use the templates of premium silk where you already have these vector characters. And only with a kind of drag and drop you can create fully pro animations working with adobe after effects.

Ideas for Advertising Videos

It looks a lot like the videos on TV, the typical ads of each television network. But have you noticed that these ads are much more relaxed now? Not all, obviously, but many of them are entirely shareable and get viral in no time. It is only necessary to have ideas, carry them out and be original. Define yourself as different, neither better nor worse. Different and I'm sure they will talk about you so that your ideas for marketing videos are original.

Ideas for Testimonials Videos

What better way than to teach what you do with yourself, with your workers or with satisfied customers. A close, raw and sincere video is the key to these videos by using a promo video maker such as InVideo. It is no use putting a commercial slogan and put the handsome man in the video saying that is, for example, the dentist of the company. We all know that behind the companies, both online and offline there are ordinary people, very willing and hardworking. And with that desire to work and drive a business that makes it possible for your company or industry to come alive and be credible. The more honest you are, the more you will believe. It is essential to find what you do, but be careful. Never be a believer because always, there will be one smarter than you and wiser, learn from him, so you will still arrive much higher.

Ideas for Experiential Videos

I'll give you an example so that you understand this very quickly. Imagine that you have an event or an extreme sports company. What better way to teach what you know by recording a video with the experiences of other clients? It is the best thing you can do to sell the business of this type, people enjoying what they do. An experience that becomes unforgettable for a person can become a video that transmits that lived experience and one of the great ideas for video marketing.

Ideas for Emotional and Humanizing Videos

These videos are the ones that reach the public the most. They are those touching stories that come directly from the hand of a good script that engages from the first moment. I will show you several examples in which the so-called engagement can be defined as the process to enter a store, and the clerk will address you directly when you come and says "Are you looking for something?" How do you feel? Invaded? Annoyed? But imagine going into a store now and the clerk telling you that you love being in the store, that if you need something, there will be anyone to throw a cable and that you take all the time in the world, that you are at home. How do you feel now? Well, that's the way to create an emotional bond with the brand; you want the brand. Hence these videos. You will get everyone to fall in love with your brand.