Webex and Zoom’s video conferencing service usage reached all-time high

Webex and Zoom’s video conferencing service usage reached all-time high
The Siliconreview
18 March, 2020

It is fascinating how the workplace can be operated remotely. In a trend where everything is digitized,  remote working is showing no signs of slowing down.  With more and more employees preferring to work in remote positions, either full-time or some days of the week, many companies are in search of new and better remote working tools in the market.

In recent times, Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool provider has gained immense popularity. The company is well known for its remote conferencing services. Last year zoom had outperformed most of its counterpart in the market. Now due to the pandemic outbreak, the company’s service usage is on the rise. Many employees, clients, and students are dependent on zoom for social distancing. Cisco reported that they are also witnessing heavy usage since the outbreak.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom was part of Cisco once and he served as the vice president of engineering. Webex was founded in 1995; this was way before Zoom’s IPO in 2019. Later, Webex was acquired by Cisco in 2007. Senior VP and general manager of Cisco’s collaboration group, Sri Srinivasan stated that their DAU, WAU, and MAU have now reached an all-time high. The acronyms indicate daily, weekly, and monthly active users. This is a common barometer that is used for measuring the engagement level in online services. Apart from that Cisco is also known for watching its engaged user population (EUP) closely. The EUP will show the amount of time spent by the users on its platform when compared to the previous year.