iPhone apps 2020 - useful apps for college students

iPhone apps 2020 - useful apps for college students
The Siliconreview
14 April, 2020

Top apps for your iPhone to survive in college: 2020 edition

In college students have to work on many projects, complete different complex assignments and write creative papers. All this could be overwhelming but thankfully, Apple has taken care of this by extending capabilities of new models and providing a range of helpful apps available in Apple Store. Now you don`t have to ask your group mates «Can you do my accounting homework for me?», you just download the necessary app and get this done. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of most helpful iPhone apps popular in 2020 that can make your college life easier and more comfortable.

Top iPhone apps for your college productivity

Since all students are constantly checking their smartphones and tablets, why not use them for more valuable purposes? We have checked the most recent apps in Apple Store that can help students cope with college tasks and increase their performance. Which ones do you already use?

1) Google Drive. As many devices come with limited storage options and iPhones with more space available usually cost more, a good alternative will be keeping all information in the cloud drive. Compared to iCloud with its 5GB, Google provides 15GB for free and creating more Gmail accounts will provide you with enough storage space for all your documents;

2) Writing services apps. If you don`t like writing but you have several papers waiting to be completed, it`s high time to attend top essay services to pick one of the agencies based on its reviews. There is no more need to irritate others with the question «Who can do a homework for me?» - now you have all writers available in your smartphone;

3) Duolingo. If your course includes one or several foreign languages, then this app is just a must-have. Here you can choose from over thirty languages and learn it easily, effectively, fun and for free. The app keeps you constantly motivated and interested in learning;

4) Headspace. All students get used to study and work under pressure of tight deadlines and coming exams, so stress is an integral part of their lives. To be more productive and mentally healthy, you need to try to get rid of stress, at least sometimes. The app becomes a real stress-killer helping you calming your nerves down and keeping a sane mind;

5) Adobe Scan. With lots of documents, books, and assignments to do, it is very convenient when you can easily convert papers into digital format to work on your laptop. The scanner app will help you avoid writing or typing down info from paper sources and have scanned copies of all the documents always with you;

6) Photomath. If you are getting a scientific degree and have to deal with Math, you will not underestimate the benefits of this app. Here you need to just take a picture of the problem and the app will solve it for you, in addition explaining to you how exactly it was solved. Thus, you learn from it and next time can cope with a similar task yourself;

7) Forest. For those who easily switch attention from learning to scrolling through social networks feed, it would be useful to download this app. It motivates you to concentrate on your studies and not to touch your smartphone for a set amount of time. The timer will keep you away from your device while you can do the assignments;

8) Notability. Although it`s a paid app, it is worth every cent you spend on it. The app offers a number of tools for digital note-taking. Supported by Apple pencil, now you don`t have to carry lots of notebooks with you as you are able to quickly write down all necessary stuff in your smartphone;

9) iTunes U. This is just a huge app as it`s the largest digital catalog of free educational material and content in the world. Downloading it to your smartphone, you can search for information published by universities in any part across the globe and have access to all podcasts, course documents, lectures, and extra materials to use;

10) OnTrees. If you find it tricky to keep track of your finances, with this app you can control every dollar you spend in college. You can safely connect your bank accounts to the app and monitor all transactions setting up limits when necessary;

11) Grammarly. Even the best writers make mistakes, so why not ensure that your essay or report is free of grammar errors or typos? Grammarly corrects your spelling and grammatical mistakes, gives you suggestions and offers synonyms to make it sound better;

12) myHomework Planner. This is an app for planning on the go which also works in the offline mode making it convenient to use. Here you can track your assignments, tests, organize your schedule and plan your resources beforehand;

13) WayUp jobs. As students are always short of money, this app can become very helpful in case you decide to find a part-time job in college. It is the #1 app when it comes to getting an internship and job in your field.

All these apps can become extremely useful in a college’s busy life, as they will help you to concentrate, set and achieve your goals and work better relying on the digital assistance of your smartphone.