Open-Source Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine Unveiled by Micron

Open-Source Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine Unveiled by Micron
The Siliconreview
30 April, 2020

Micron Technology, the computer memory and data storage technology expert, has announced the first open-source, heterogeneous-memory storage engine (HSE), designed specifically for solid-state drives (SSDs) and storage-class memory (SCM).

HSE is now available to the open-source community. It is ideal for developers using all-flash infrastructure who require the benefits of open-source software, including the ability to customize or enhance code for their unique use cases.

"As the only company developing storage class memory, flash and DRAM technologies, Micron is uniquely positioned to build a software stack that accelerates applications running in today's flash-based storage environments as well as storage class memory-based infrastructure of the future," said Derek Dicker, corporate vice president and general manager, Storage Business Unit, Micron. "We have delivered a first-of-its-kind innovation for open-source storage developers, unlocking the full potential of high-performance storage applications.

Not only does it deliver  performance and endurance improvements, HSE also reduces latency, especially for large-scale data sets, through intelligent data placement. HSE improves throughput of particular storage applications by up to six times, reduces latency 11 times and improves SSD endurance by seven times. HSE can also take advantage of multiple classes of media concurrently, such as flash and 3D XPoint technology.