Top E-Commerce Marketing Tips

Top E-Commerce Marketing Tips
The Siliconreview
15 April, 2020

HubSpot's 2016 survey of marketing managers showed that generating traffic and proving ROI is consistently two of their first frequently encountered challenges states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery, a successful marketing expert..

While many marketers are finding it more challenging to drive conversions through traditional advertising methods, investing in high-value content is a proven method for inspiring trust and willingness to buy in your target market.

There are right and wrong ways to go about e-commerce marketing, and the following are some of the most effective methods to keep in mind.

Identify your best platforms to capitalize on

Social media is naturally one of the most potentially powerful avenues for successful e-commerce marketing, but usually, you'll want to avoid spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms. Depending on what your niche is and what you have to offer, specific platforms may be more prudent to invest time and energy into than others. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all other platforms may or may not be equally well-suited for reaching your target audience, so make use of your analytics and conduct research to see where they're most active.

Lockdown the best times to publish your content

In addition to making sure that you publish content in the right place, you'll also want to target the correct times as well. Generally speaking, the morning is a more effective time to get content engagement than the night, and the middle of the week provides a higher rate of participation than weekends.

Prioritize providing value overselling

The most successful content creators understand the potential profit that can be enjoyed by making an effort to offer freebies. Though giving away ebooks for free may not provide an immediate advantage, followers will be more easily convinced of your credibility and value if they're given a chance to enjoy your best content without a paywall.

Share good reviews as a sign of social proof

Social proof is instrumental in making a lasting impact in a saturated marketplace. Rather than hoping that the target market takes your word for it, sharing evidence of positive reception to your product can be beneficial for inspiring confidence. Like a Yelp page with stories from satisfied customers will lead to more business than a blank page without a review, having positive testimonies to share can be the difference between booming business and no business at all.

Experiment with strategies to repurpose your best-performing content

The lifespan of any piece of educational content that you create can be extended through skillful repurposing. If you've got a blog post that gains serious traction, you might want to consider taking that blog post and using its prompt as the basis for an infographic. Likewise, infographics can be used as the basis for video content that delivers the same information more dynamically.


Ultimately, e-commerce marketing is a matter of timing, precision, and innovation. Use your analytics to identify when the best times are published your content, develop a solid idea of what your most potent platforms are, prioritize providing value overselling, show social proof, and creatively repurpose your best content marketing material whenever possible.