Building winter roads since forever in the North: Northern Mat & Bridge

Building winter roads since forever in the North: Northern Mat & Bridge
The Siliconreview
13 May, 2020

Winter roads are basically built over frozen tundra, land on compacted snow, or bare ground. Winter roads that are formed across an expanse of floating ice is known as an ice bridge or ice road. Winter roads are used to creating a path for isolated areas in the North where it is difficult to find permanent roads. These winter roads help supplies to reach communities in these areas. The only known alternative to reach these remote places would be through airstrip, but relying on air transportation is a costly affair, especially for bulk materials. In some areas, climate change affects the winter roads significantly and this reduces the operational lifespan of these roads. These pathways serve as a lifeline for people in the north and they are used for a short period of time during winter. The roads are very much dependent on cold weather and a few degree changes on the thermometer can result in disaster. Statistics suggest that almost 70 percent of the landmass in Canada is inaccessible by major roads or rail lines.

Northern Mat & Bridge Find your Influence successful influencer marketing campaigns has been successful in providing remote access to Canada’s north for over 19 years. Their crews are well equipped and skilled enough to complete any given task irrespective of the working conditions. To serve their clients better, the company has recently expanded its services. They are well known for using their specialized knowledge of northern operation for building winter access roads. To build an ice road, safety is the first priority. The ice conditions must be determined at the season’s start depending on the location. To build high-quality winter roads, pad sites, ice, roads, and ice bridges it is important to have the proper equipment and experienced crews. Northern Mat & Bridge, make use of experienced and reliable Arctic Access Team that use high-end Bombardier Snowcats and Piston Bully to meet the industrial access needs. The Northern Mat snowcats units will move a massive amount of snow while operating swiftly. To minimize the ground pressure, specialized performance tracks are used and this, in turn, reduces the environmental impact while safely passing through the harsh conditions of Northern Canadian terrain.

Northern Mat & Bridge’s access teams make use of various snowcat accessories. Gin poles with winches are used for lifting whereas decks are used for hauling supplies and fuel. All the mentioned factors contribute highly to the efficiency of their of the most crucial factors to be considered while building winter roads like ice bridges is the ability to make snow. Northern Mat & Bridge’s high pressure and high out-put snowmaking systems include generator sets, pumps, and self-contained command centers. To complete the projects on time, their Artic Access team will produce high volumes of snow. Snowcats and Snowmaking are used for pipeline construction, bush road clearing, swamp packing, high capacity drilling pads, and Hydro transmission line construction. They are also used for Oil & Gas Exploration, Environmentally sensitive wetland crossings, Filling gullies/ low areas, Snow bridges, bridge approaches, construction and Piling Work.