How to Build a Powerful Brand Identity for Your Startup

How to Build a Powerful Brand Identity for Your Startup
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2020

Brand identity is what sets a business apart from its competitors. Every business wants to become a brand that is recognized and respects in its market. They want a name that is trusted by its customers, and businesses want to work with it. Brands also don’t have to put a lot of effort into attracting new customers.

They can just focus on retaining existing clients, and that’s where the main focus of a business should be. But before any of that, you need to have a strong brand name. Here are some powerful tips for every startup that wants to create a brand identity.

Get an Inspiring Trademark

A brand needs to have a name and logo that stands out and inspires its audience. Your audience should know what you offer without using any service or product in your brand name. For example, using IT Solutions in the company name tells that it offer IT services, but it doesn’t make an impressive name. On the other hand, one can judge by name Microsoft that the company has something to do with software.

Same is the case with the brand logo. If you really want a design that touches the hearts of your audience, use the service of logo design companies that conduct designing competitions. They will get you an innovative piece of art that was created to inspire, not to get a little cash. 

Learn About Your Key Audience

Brand identity is built by leaving an impression in the minds of your audience. You can’t get inside their minds without understanding them. Learn about their needs and desires and everything you can possibly learn before you start with any struggle to impress them. Create audience personas and use targeted marketing with the help of a strategist to reach them.

Unique Selling Points as Core Values

There is no business on the planet that doesn’t have a competition. You can’t beat that competition without offering something new. That something new that your competitors can’t offer and your prospects need is your Unique Selling Points. It could be a competitive price, quality, or great service. Find a USP, present it as a core value of your company, and always uphold it. It will help create a respected brand image in the eyes of your potential customers.

Determine Your Goals and Story

A brand must have goals and a story to share with its audience. Your prospects should feel that you can be trusted because of your goals. Likewise, a story helps you make a place in the gossips. An old man got lucky and created the biggest fast-food chain in the world, but people share his story like he is a hero. To build a brand identity, you also need a story that inspires and creates emotions.

Optimize Digital Channels

You will find more people on the internet than any market in the world. Moreover, it’s much easier to approach them and get them to listen when they are online. Utilize blogs and social media channels through engaging and convincing content to increase brand awareness and control your brand image.