Octopot Grow Systems — A Hydroponic Growing Solution

Octopot Grow Systems — A Hydroponic Growing Solution
The Siliconreview
13 May, 2020

The amount of attention and care a plant needs depends on the kind of plant it is and what kind of an environment it is grown in. Some plants can survive on the littlest amount of water for weeks at a time whereas some would need constant watering and irrigation to avoid stagnant water from destroying the roots or causing mold. It is well know that bigger a plant’s roots are, the bigger the plant is. However, what can be done to ensure that the plant gets the exact amount of water that is needed for its growth and survival?

Introducing Octopot, learn more a plant watering and irrigation solution. The Octopot lets the plants self-water for around a week or more while ensuring that there aren’t any nutrients or water being wasted. It does not need any electricity, pumps or water chillers to function and is a very low maintenance watering system. Plants are able to feed on demand according to their needs and that increases their rate of growth as there are no periods of drought or drowning from over or under watering. Improper aeration and lack of oxygenated water creates root circling or root rot. The Octopot does not waste water, fertilizer or any useful nutrients and saves the user’s time and money. 

The most useful application of the Octopot is vegetable gardening. Plants grown indoors are at risk the most because they do not get proper nutrients, sunlight or natural water and entirely depend on someone having to water them and move them towards sunlight for the required part of the day. Due to this, people who keep plants often worry about taking vacations as that requires a long absence and nobody available to water the plants. The Octopot Sparkrock Grow System can water and feed the plant for up to a week or ten days depending on the size and growth stage of the pant.

When a plant is watered by hand, the negative effects of over or under watering are usually not immediately apparent until the damage has already been done to the plant. The Octopot systems ensure that it waters the plant exactly what it needs and avoids periods of draughts or drowning.

The temperature of the water used for watering a plant is very important is an often overlooked factor. Octopot Grow System moderates the temperature of the water and protects the roots from conditions that are too cold or too warm. Tap water is too cold for plant roots to tolerate and will cause the plant to slow its growth.

Octopots protect the environment from nutrient pollution and conserve water. It is a closed loop system that eliminates water, fertilizer and nutrient waste. Waste often increases input cost and expenses towards waste management.

Octopot is the most innovative plant watering solution that enables the user to safely water their plants and ensure that the amount of water being used is optimal and the nutrients benefit the plants growth and overall health. Read more about the Octopot ‘Vegetable Gardening’ feature.