The world of chairs and their travel through time

The world of chairs and their travel through time
The Siliconreview
13 May, 2020

Anatomically, modern humans as a species made their appearance on earth some 200,000 years ago. In the earlier part of our story, we did not do as much sitting as we do in modern times. Earlier, humans used to sit on the bare ground, or objects like tree stumps, large rocks, or logs. The earlier forms of seating came with its own limitations and this humble beginning marks the starting point of the chair’s history. Existence of chair in eastern culture is very less when compared to the west, and the most dynamic development of chairs have occurred only in the western region. ACCE International, One of the earliest forms of seating that we now recognize as chairs today existed in Ancient Egypt. People of great importance like Pharaohs and High Priests used to sit on elevated thrones. In Greek Amphitheatres bench-style seating was used by masses, and later Romans used a similar type of seating in their Coliseums. All the earlier versions of the chair were just a context, and the real story of the chair started much more recently and it begins in Italy, in a town called Chiavari. Mass production was a major drawback in 1807 and people used to have simple stools or bench-style seating. During the industrial revolution, chairs came into mainstream and irrespective of social class, it gave rise to mass production of chairs. In the late 70s and early 80s, Wilfred Dauphin was hired to research new ways to make office chairs more comfortable. After a decade into research, finally, the first ergonomic office chairs were offered for sale in the early 80s. Most of the modern chairs look very identical to the chair designs that existed hundreds or even thousands of years back. The earlier Egyptian thrones look nothing different from contemporary chairs that are used with the dining table. Here chances are high that you might probably be reading this article while sitting on a reasonably comfortable chair. Due to an increase in the use of technology 20th century saw in the use of chairs. Various types of chairs came into existence like metal folding chairs, slumber chairs, metal-legged chairs, molded plastic chairs, recliners, ergonomic chairs, beanbag, pod chairs, massage chairs, wooden chairs, and butterfly chairs.

Sunpan is a furniture company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of transitional and contemporary furnishings. Please visit: SunPan modern dining chairs. Their offerings are diverse and the aesthetics of their chairs are very appealing. Their main motto is to design and distribute a trendy and innovative piece of furniture. Sunpan always focuses on exploring new designs that will offer a unique, special, and timeless style. Their team always travels around Europe and Asia to find inspirations for their designs. Sunpan tries to infuse conventional designs into the latest trends to create new luxurious designs. Chairs are a timeless piece of art and it can be useful as it ever was. What sets apart a chair from most of the technologies, for example, a smartphone that requires frequent change, almost everyyear. In 20 years the smartphone would’ve become obsolete but a piece of furniture is functionally timeless.