What are the Application Areas of Sintered Metal Filters?

What are the Application Areas of Sintered Metal Filters?
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14 May, 2020

Sintering technology is additionally perfect for the turn of events and production of filters. The procedure is equivalent to with traditionally sintered parts, yet the variety of pore size and wisely controlled pore dispersion is used to create segments with a filtering function.

Particularly, sintered filtering property regarding porosity is used to create filters that don't experience the ill effects of similar faults from conventional results. The sintering process holds the material together with the goal that hardened steel sintered filters is both more durable and superior to traditional filters.

Why Porous Metal?

These filter systems utilizing Saifilter sintered metal filter for vaporous, fluid and robust separation have demonstrated to be a compelling and effective substitute to additional partition strategies that can be helpless against pressure tops, high temperatures or potentially destructive surroundings. This metal is exceptionally proficient in eliminating particulates, brings consistent presentation, is simple to clean and consumes a long life in contrast with leaf filters, bags and plate filters.

What's Life?

The life of filter operating life will rely upon its particulate holding limit and relating pressure drop. This hoarding cake can be intermittently expelled utilizing a blowback cycle. The adequacy of the blowback cycle and filter pressure drop recovery is a necessary function of the goods of the collecting particles in the cake and the strainer media.

Additionally giving superior filtration in a single pass, clean set up back washable media decreases operator introduction to process materials and unstable emissions. While apps incorporate great temperature and destructive situations, any pressure-driven purification procedure with high working expenses has the latent for development utilizing sintered metal filtration equipment.

What amounts of sintered metal filters are accessible?

Sintered filters can be made as little as the head of a pin and max size is just the size of the equipment the producer has accessible. Usually, that most extreme size is about the sizes of a 5-gallon bucket. However, it is possible to make sintered filters as big as a 55-gallon drum. Sintered material isn't limited to round and hollow structures, either. It very well may be shaped in sheets of different widths that can be cut and formed, as well.


Sintered metal filters are suggested for filtration use of air, liquid, stable at higher working temperature and corrosive environment, sintered metal powder filter is particularly for acrid gas filtration. As a porous material, the sintered metal filter is broadly utilized in enterprises, for example, catalyst recycling, food and drink, natural security, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metallurgy.

Sintered filters have well conflicts and inspiring geometrical prospects. For example, it is regularly possible to diminish the number of subcomponents and measures in the last filter resolution, since some of the subcomponents can be substituted by a single filter that is packed in a unique method. This stays away from slow machining. The technique picked relies upon the future application of the filter.

The exploitation of the porosity empowers the filters to be utilized for applications, for example, gas and liquid filtration, stream control of gases and fluids, just as ventilation:

  • Gas filtration

Gas filtration is the way toward expelling energetic particles from a vaporous liquid utilizing a porous media with a definitive goal to accomplish a pre-determined degree of liquid purity. Sintered metal media combine a wide range of properties, extending from its exceptional filtration and cleaning qualities and its amazing compound and warm protection from its mechanical condition. The two principle dynamic methods of filtration, i.e., depth filtration and surface filtration must be thought of and misused in the proper structure and choice of ideal filter media.

The advantages of utilizing either sintered metal powder or sintered metal fibre filters are portrayed in this paper for industrial applications requiring semi-changeless filtration in particularly requesting applications together with corrosive conditions at high temperatures and pressures.

  • Chemical Processing

You can discover the use of the sintered metal filter in the chemical processing enterprises. Such industries incorporate the atomic manufacturing industry. A few qualities make sintered metal filter invaluable in chemical processing industries. They include erosion safe, high-temperature resistance it doesn't respond with the chemicals.

  • Petroleum Refining

For oil refining, you can utilize a sintered metal filter component to filter the various energizes adequately. Depending upon the degree levels, you have to guarantee that you have entirely sifted a specific fuel from the rest. A sintered metal filter can assist you with accomplishing this. Among the qualities that can make this filter helpful in petroleum refining incorporate its synthetic non-response with the fuel. Filtration will, in this way, be of that specific fuel that is liberated from all contaminants. Likewise, you can utilize it in high temperatures which are a common thing in petroleum refining.

  • Food and Beverage

In food and beverage trades, the utilization of this filter is in the extraction of essential nutrients and squeezes. Filtration happens to keep these supplements from washing endlessly during the processing period. The upside of these filters is that they not respond with the specific food or drink. While utilizing these filters, you have the assurance of the nature of your procedure.

  • Chemical filtration

The chemical procedure industry presents numerous difficulties to the plant operator because of the harsh operating environments and the idea of the items being prepared.

Filtration is necessary for shielding costly gear from damage; repair and expensive downtime, recovery of significant expense impetuses and guarantees the client's desire delivers exceptional items.


For many reasons, sintered metal filters have a full scope of applications that you can utilize. However, the stunt is while choosing the right sintered metal filter. You have to understand the various highlights of the characteristics of these filters that you can pick the best for your application.

You have to understand the various features of the characteristics of these filters that you can pick the best for your application. In conclusion, even though there are various manufacturers and providers in the market, you should be careful while choosing one.

Yet, if you have constrained choices, you can pick sintered metal filters suppliers Saifilter to flexibly your sintered metal filter. You currently have all the information that you may need to choose a quality sintered metal filter.