Why Singapore Is Ranked a Great Choice Worldwide for Expats

Why Singapore Is Ranked a Great Choice Worldwide for Expats
The Siliconreview
27 May, 2020

Moving to a foreign country is hectic. It takes time adjusting to the new environment, people, and how its government works. It might even take years, depending on how friendly the place is. As a foreigner, you want to live comfortably without feeling like an outsider. You desire to have a peaceful life regardless of the changes you'll have to make.

Are you in search of somewhere you'll move to without questioning your decision afterward? Singapore is the best place for you. It's highly rated as the best place for foreigners to live in. But why has Singapore ranked top worldwide for ex-pats? Let's find out.

Awesome food

Its food recognizes a country's culture. In Singapore, there are cool restaurants offering delicacies. The prices are affordable and bargain able. Most of its meals are sea dishes, and they are sweet. Even expats enjoy it. It's no wonder people are in love with the place because of the delicious meals.

Nice climate

It's not surprising when a foreigner travels back to their original homeland due to the harsh weather of the new place. Although Singapore is all-year hot, it's bearable. At least the heat can be controlled by clothing in light and small outfits. Once you know how to deal with the intense heat, it'll be the best city climate-wise.

Unique surrounding

Singapore is highly identified with its greenery environment. The streets are clean without any pollution. Most buildings are nicely surrounded by evergreen plants making the structures amazingly adorable. Unlike other countries having an unpleasant look on their roads, Singapore's highways are embraced with well-shaped trees. There is no doubt you'll get impressed immediately when you enter the city. For a foreigner, this excellent environment is welcoming and offers comfort needed to familiarize around.

Social lifestyle

It is a perfect place for anyone addicted to clubbing. The night view of Singapore is fantastic. However, their alcohol is expensive. For that reason, people prefer ordering other drinks but not liquor. You'll enjoy the party and make unforgettable memories while experiencing nightlife there.


The language barrier is one of the main challenges experienced by foreigners. Most countries speak different languages, which are challenging to learn. However, in Singapore, it's easy to communicate with others since English is commonly used. In addition to running businesses and trade, English is also taught in schools. Other languages include Mayal, Tamil, and Chinese. Singlish, a combination of English and other languages, is the most preferred by typical Singaporeans.

Lively activities

Sometimes as a foreigner, you may be forced to ditch some hobbies as you try to adjust to your new world. If you love work-outs and having fun, you don't have to stop engaging in them once you move to Singapore. It offers yoga classes and has incredible parks for relaxing. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from having enjoyable moments.

How is life as a foreigner in Singapore?

Naturally, it'll take time before getting used to the new environment with different people and cultures. The good thing is it's a friendly city hence easy to adapt. It's essential to know how the place works before moving there. One thing for sure is Singapore has strict rules, and harsh penalties are imposed on anyone who breaks them. The last thing you want is getting on the wrong side with Singaporean law, yet you are still new. Here are the rules you should know.

Media regulations: The government controls all media regardless of your nationality. Each person is required to pay a tax before owning a TV. Having this electronic device without getting approval from the government is illegal.

Pets' limitation: Most countries don't have restrictions on the number of animals to keep at home. That does not apply to Singapore. There is a certain number that shouldn't be surpassed. The kind of dogs you keep is also restricted; some breeds are not allowed.

Vehicles: I suppose you might be wrong if you think you can rock your left-hand drive while in Singapore. Only right side-starring vehicles are allowed. Importing cars against this rule will be a waste since you won't drive with it anywhere.

Licensing: Call it selfishness or whatever you like, but using a Singaporean driving license is a must. There is a one-year exemption for foreigners, but they are expected to acquire the standard license afterward.

It's tough to follow these rules initially, and it'll take time to get used to them. Foreigners have no choice but to abide by them if they want a quiet life in Singapore. After all, the restrictions are not so cruel.

Mortgage application for foreigners in Singapore

Singapore has excellent deals for both residents and non-residents, despite its pricey housing and small land space. Foreigners are limited to certain kinds of homes. The Singapore Land Authority should approve the property you buy. Once you get the approval, the mortgage application will be the same as that of residents.

Documents needed to qualify for foreign loan are:

  • The latest income details
  • Passport
  • The two latest annual tax documents
  • The recent CPF slip showing your account balance
  • The three newest pay slips for self-employed individuals

The Singaporean banks offering mortgage services to expats include Citibank, Maybank, HSBC, OCBC, DBS, and UOB. Alternatively, you can work with brokers like Money's art, Gobear, and Imoney. You may also want to consider other lenders, such as, for other excellent deals.

Retirement for foreigners in Singapore

Retirement is a headache in any country, but it's more hectic in Singapore. Retirees are rarely offered lenient services, so it's up to you to plan earlier how you'll sustain yourself. Strategize ways you'll make your ends meet after retirement. That involves your Healthcare, taxes, and ways of surviving the high cost of living. Although there are institutions assisting retirees, they are not so reliable.

The Bottom Line

It is evident Singapore is the perfect choice for expats to fit in. Everything is incredible, starting from people themselves, culture, and the city itself. No one should lie to you that Singapore is not worth moving to! It's a place you wouldn't want to get out from once you get in.