4 Important Things to Bear in Mind While Designing Personalized Envelopes for Your Business

4 Important Things to Bear in Mind While Designing Personalized Envelopes for Your Business
The Siliconreview
26 June, 2020

Businesses often underestimate the potential of the first impression created by a mailer. Personalized business envelopes have the potential to drive potential customers towards your business. It should not only be able to highlight your brand, but it also must emphasize the purpose behind your company sending the mailer. Some objectives must be kept in mind while designing personalized envelopes for businesses. Here we are going to discuss those objectives in brief details.

Standing Out

The most necessary function of a business envelope is to stand out from the rest of the mailers. Remember that most people do not have the time to go through each mailer, and most of them end up in the dustbin. Your mailer needs to catch the attention of your potential customer, and thus it must visually stand out from the rest of the mail. The design should compel the recipient to open it and see what is inside.

An attractive color is the first and foremost element. Designing a mailer to look like a regular envelope would defeat its real purpose. However, being eye-catching is not enough because your customers know that all that glitters is not gold. The design of the envelope must look consistent and promising to offer something that other businesses do not. The design should be able to help the customer identify and relate to your company.


After your mail has succeeded in standing out from the rest of the mailer and intrigued the recipient's attention, it must grab and hold on to the customer's attention. The envelope should contain elements to entice the customer's thought process. It should exude your brand's personality through your design and logo.

Most people do not realize that there is a lot of space that usually gets wasted on an envelope. Apart from the address and the stamp, they have a lot more area on it, which is a blank canvas. Utilize that space to convey a message that can create the urge to open the envelope and see its contents. Even the outside or the inside area of the flap can provide hints to the content, which arouses curiosity.


The designing features must have some functions as well so that they can serve dual purposes. It is necessary to keep those functions in mind. For example, windows in envelopes are not only a designing aspect that shows the recipient's name and address, but it also saves from printing the name and address of the recipient twice on the same mail.

Self sealer on the envelope is another such designing feature. The self-sealing strip can save time and glue. It also rescues the sender from the hassle of searching for glue while trying to seal an envelope. Another nifty and useful design feature can be a map of your store's location on the inside of the opening flap. Visual aids are more successful at inscribing on a person's memory than plain text. Such features can be incorporated while keeping the business logo in mind and placed on the envelope accordingly.

Build Brand Recognition

The design of your personalized envelope can speak more about your brand to your potential customers than you can imagine. Your logo is not the only aspect that customers relate to with your brand. The quality of the envelope, design, colors you use, and the style of the logo can speak a lot about your company's characteristics. These factors will give your customer a clear understanding of how your company conducts business in the market. Incorporation of your brand's logo on the design also allows you to display your brand's consistency and strengths.

The use of colors that do not get used commonly can show that your company believes in taking a different approach to achieve its objectives. The use of bold colors in a tasteful manner can convey that your business is not scared of trying out new things to please and satisfy their customers. Many such designing aspects can be used to portray various features of your brand, and their careful use can convey the same to your potential customers.

Creating a lasting impression is just as important as creating a great first impression. The design of your mailer and its contents plays a vital role to bring your customer to your business. However, the envelope is responsible for creating the first and lasting impression. That's why you must pay more attention to the design of your personalized business envelopes.