Best Vintage Electronics to Buy For Antique Enthusiasts

Best Vintage Electronics to Buy For  Antique Enthusiasts
The Siliconreview
19 June, 2020

Every family has at least one article of an heirloom that once belonged to their grandparents or great grandparents. These family treasures are passed on to generations and are kept safely for years because they are made from authentic materials and unique craftsmanship. In addition to families, these articles are also considered prized possessions by collectors who are ready to pay huge amounts to acquire these valuable products. Several online markets sell vintage and antique products on their websites, and a few such prominent stores are eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

These stores sell vintage products like Asian antiques, decorative art, primitives, silver, and furniture from $9.84 onwards. These products are available for all users who can log on to the app or website to access them. In addition to this, they offer 75% off on collectibles, 15% off on home décor, fashion, electronics, clothing, and more with free shipping on all orders. It also has a 60% discount on watches, sunglasses, headphones; 45% off on musical gear at Best Buy, 75% off on games and toys, and a 10% discount on products from all other categories. You can also use ebay discount codes to benefit from extra savings on your purchases.


If you are an antique enthusiast, you can easily shop online and collect valuable items that are made authentically with unique elements. You can buy audio and video electronic products, calculators, home telephones, and their individual parts from popular brands like Pioneer, Sony, Marantz, Sansui, JBL, Panasonic, GE, Akai, etc. Other websites like Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, eBay etc. also store products like kitchen equipment, home décor products, toys, and other collectibles.

  1. Vintage audio and video products

Antique audio/video equipment is made from rare wood, solid metals that look sturdy and shiny even years later. Prevalent websites like eBay, Amazon, and Home Depot store authentic vintage audio/video products like:

  • Vintage amplifiers and tube amps
  • Vintage radios
  • Vintage cassette decks
  • Reel-to-reel tape recorders
  • Vintage turntables (also available at Best Buy)
  • Vintage speaker
  • Vintage stereo receivers
  • Vintage record players
  • VCRs
  • Vintage televisions
  1. Vintage accessories and spare parts

At times, some products are used for such a long time that their parts end up getting ruined or damaged forever. You can easily find replacements or new parts of vintage electronic items on various eCommerce websites. Some of the products are as follows:

  • Vintage tubes and tube sockets
  • Vintage transformers
  • Vintage capacitors
  • Vintage blank media
  • Vintage speakers and horn drivers
  • Vintage tuners
  • Vintage manuals
  • Tonearm tube for turntable
  • Sweden tube foil getter
  • Full tube replace set
  1. Vintage calculators

These stores have a huge collection of vintage calculators from brands like HP, Sharp, Casio, Panasonic, Canon, Sanyo, and more.

A few examples of vintage calculators include:

  • Sanyo ultra-rare ghostbusters calculator with original case
  • Triumphator adding machine calculator
  • Vintage Hewlett-Packard programmable calculator with power adapter
  • Radio shack business financial calculator
  • Texas instruments solar calculator
  1. Vintage home telephones

In addition to home telephones, you can also get a telephone intercom speaker, rotary dial personal telephone, and cordless answering systems.

Users can get various types of home telephones:

  • Stromberg-Carlson telephone and automatic electric magneto ringer wood box
  • Push-button landline desk wall phone
  • French rotary dial telephone with the electric bell system
  • Western electric celebrity rotary phone
  • Cherry red touch-tone desk phone
  • Corded landline phone
  1. Other vintage electronic items

Amazon sells polaroid instant film cameras, a classic handheld football electronic game, and a vintage typewriter. In addition to this, other vintage electronic items available on such platforms are as follows:

  • HP wide range oscillator model
  • Vintage electric iron
  • Retro humidifier
  1. Vintage kitchen equipment

In addition to electronic items, users can also have vintage kitchen equipment like:

  • Kitchen tools like an electrical vegetable peeler, potato crusher
  • Italian cookie maker and sandwich maker
  • Electric ice crusher and yogurt maker
  • Electric food cooker and baker
  • A vintage juicer with blender accessories
  • Electric waffle iron and bread warmer
  1. Vintage décor

Buyers can find vintage décor products like posters, indoor signs, plaques, wall hangings in different styles like antique, country, farmhouse, rustic, etc. These are available in different shapes and materials. The store also has vintage candle stands, artisan desk items, porcelain hand-painted kitchen décor items, and other decorative products.

  1. Vintage clothing and accessories

eBay and Amazon sell vintage products like T-shirts, belt buckles, dressing gowns, dresses for women, swimsuits, silk scarf, eyeglasses, watches, sewing, and boutique items whereas Etsy and Hobby Lobby have vintage necklaces, pendants, brooch, bracelets, floral tags, pins, and clips in the jewelry section.

  1. Vintage products for children

There are several vintage games and toys for children, some of which include:

  • Vintage miniature dollhouse with metal items
  • Cars, trucks, and vans in toys section
  • Vintage Marionette
  • Fisher-Price little people set
  • Fun stickers
  • Rare Crayola pencil box
  • Sling bags with Cartoons characters
  • Stand hangers and sporting items like skate shoes
  1. Miscellaneous

Antique fanatics also are fond of collecting old stamps, postcards, rare items from old collections of known personalities, etc. Some of these products are available on eBay, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Etsy. These collectibles include:

  • Postal history items
  • Vintage rubber stamps at Hobby Lobby
  • Promotional photos and posters
  • Rare photographs from old exhibitions and personal collections
  • Vintage Journals and Sketchbooks at Hobby Lobby
  • Vintage and novelty gifts at Best Buy
  • Vintage charms and key embellishments at Hobby Lobby
  • Art and collectibles like prints and sculptures from Etsy

Vintage items have a unique charm and hence are considered valuable among antique admirers and enthusiasts. You can easily look for such products on several online retailer websites. One such popular website is eBay that is known to sell authentic antiques like home décor products, clothes (majorly designed for women), jewelry, home goods, unique closet finds like bags, wallets, accessories, and an eclectic mix of decorative products, artisan items, and furniture pieces.

They offer an elaborate description of the product with images and a feedback system that helps the buyer and seller to interact with each other. The store offers a discount on using promo codes and deals that give 85% discount on office furniture, 80% off on home décor, 60% off on automotive tools and sporting goods or fitness equipment, 50% off on skincare essentials, garden equipment, and refurbished products, 33% off on training equipment and products like gift cards, art supplies, dietary supplements, and other health products are available at reduced rates.