Outsourcing Tasks of Human Resource Management

Outsourcing Tasks of Human Resource Management
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2020

With the unprecedented outbreak and accelerated spread of the COVID-19 virus, the economic sphere has been tossed into the tornado of uncertainty, and business owners globally have been forced to wait for calm to return. Companies are downsizing, and employee lay-offs have become common-place. A need to out-source products and services from outside sources is stealthily gaining popularity in the business arena. Prior to the pandemic, companies had the pleasure to choose whether to out-source HR solutions or retain their operations in-house. But with the current epidemic, business owners now have to adapt to the new normal. Thus the demand for answers from experienced HR departments like Kruse and Associates Payroll and Staffing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is increasing.

Why out-source HR functions

Numerous companies are exploring organizations that provide HR-related solutions as a viable business strategy. By giving out most HR-related tasks to be handled by outsiders, the human resource within the establishment gets utilized in other capabilities. For instance, you may be in the proper financial situation to hire your own HR team and establish the prerequisite infrastructure. Still, if you were to out-source such services, you would free up monetary resources that you can use to hire new frontline employees or upgrade to better technology. The benefits are highly advertised, but is out-sourcing the HR department a viable solution in your organization, or are you better at staying in-house?

Benefits of out-sourcing

  • Cost-effectiveness

Having an outsider take care of your company’s HR functions saves on non-revenue and office taxes. You are able to trim costs and free up revenue that you can channel to running your core business and customer-facing responsibilities. For instance, it would be advisable for a small business with a limited budget to pick this alternative. Doing so would do away with costs incurred by developing an in-house HR infrastructure. They further trim expenditure used to maintain a large employee pool. Investment in HR technology will also be eliminated.

  • Strategy delivery is optimized.

Out-sourcing HR departments ensure that most of the tasks, such as high volume recruiting, payroll, and benefits allocation, are handled efficiently by a professional- the internal HR team to be more strategic rather than tactical. This provides the opportunity to deliver more impact on the business through, say, counseling, and succession management.

  • You get the best of vertical expertise.

When you lack the relevant expertise in-house, out-source. Avoid getting entangled in legal twines. Astringent set of legal guidelines defines HR processes. Compliance is tantamount.


Every coin has two sides, and so does having an outsider handle your HR tasks. There is reduced human touch, loss of in-house expertise, lack of confidentiality with the risk of personal information leaking, to name a few. Response from an external company is also minimal compared to that from an in-house HR personnel.

Food for thought

All businesses, no matter how small, can benefit from out-sourcing services from HR firms. Consider a well-established and reputable firm if you require solutions from professionals who comprehend the numerous processes and regulations required to manage your company’s most excellent resource, people effectively.