Pickles Mining - Auctions and Valuations for the Resources and Mining Sectors

Pickles Mining - Auctions and Valuations for the Resources and Mining Sectors
The Siliconreview
05 June, 2020

When you’re looking for mining equipment for sale, you can’t go past Pickles Mining. Formerly Hassalls, Pickles is now providing asset valuation, auctions and disposal services in the mining and resources sector. With locations all across Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia, Pickles should be your first choice for valuations and remarketing.

The Pickles Mining team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the oil and gas sector, mining, offshore drilling, transport, civil constructions and so much more. For large calibre earthmoving equipment, they can manage your valuations and sales through multiple channels. They operate onsite and online auctions, tenders and private treaty sales. It’s all about bringing buyers and sellers together.

Asset Valuation Services

Pickles Mining conduct valuations on a huge variety of large-scale equipment. From earthmoving to off-shore drilling operations, the team has the experience to give the right advice and find the best solutions every time.

They also provide commercial advice to banks and financiers, accounting and insolvency practitioners, multinational companies, and government departments. They are a very trusted name in valuations, partly because of their global network and ability to put clients in the best marketplace for sale.
Thanks to their network and large in-house team, they can deliver results in a timely manner. It is communication and experience that gives them the edge when assessing your site requirements.

Fully Accredited Valuers

They hold themselves to the highest standards, and that certainly applies to their valuers. The team are required to pass the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) exam successfully. This is just one of the many quality-control measures in place to ensure they continue to deliver accurate, reliable valuations.

USPAP has a reputation that’s acknowledged and respected internationally in the valuations field, and that’s why there is a strong emphasis on adhering these standards. At all times, they ensure valuations are concise, accurate, bias-free, and without contingent fees.

Mining and Resource Sales

They use multiple channels for remarketing because every sale is a little bit different. Firstly, Pickles is a well-known name in the auctions trade, and they have certainly maintained that focus when it comes to mining, resources and infrastructure equipment. Their auctions take place either on-site or online, depending on the nature of the sale. As their network is global and they have such a trusted name, this allows them to branch into the world of online auctions.

They also offer tenders and private treaty sales. When dealing with large-scale equipment, they appreciate that all of their clients, both buyers and sellers, have different needs, and they work to create the best marketplace to deliver results on both sides.

Locations Across 4 States

They have locations throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia. Conveniently located near Australia’s mining hubs, Pickles Mining combines local knowledge with global reach to bring buyers and sellers together.

In addition to our strong presence in Australia, their global network extends to the United Arab Emirates, India, Ireland, West Africa and the US.

If you are in the industry and you’re looking for mining equipment or other large-scale machinery, be sure to do your research on Pickles Mining to see what’s on offer.