Proven Tips To Nurture A Healthy Company Culture

Proven Tips To Nurture A Healthy Company Culture
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2020

Among the many factors that an average job seeker considers before joining an organization, a healthy and happy company culture that has been added to the list only recently. However, attracting and retaining better talent is just one of the many benefits of building a positive company culture.

With that said, many companies do realize the value of having a distinct and nurturing company culture but have little idea about how to go about developing the same.

In this article, we will discuss some simple tips that can get your organization started with building its own unique company culture.

Let us begin:

Develop And Reinforce A Mission Statement

The first step, of course, is having a mission statement. However, most readers would have already developed a mission statement. If you haven’t, it is time to come up with one.

A mission statement, as the name suggests, is the ultimate result(s) that your business wants to achieve. It is the goal that all your employees will be working for. A mission statement will give your organization and its employees a common purpose that they are all collaborating (and working hard) to achieve.

Keep in mind that simply defining the mission statement is not enough. It is also important to consistently reinforce it with your company’s communication channels. From sharing the mission statement with new employees during orientation and onboarding to having it posted at a place (virtual or real) where everyone can see it from time to time, you must make conscious efforts to reinforce your mission statement to your employees.

Nurture A Growth Mindset With Employee Training

Just like company culture, employees also look for professional development opportunities when they evaluate potential employers. Many surveys have been conducted in the matter and the truth is, there is a serious skill gap in the market and the employees are expecting the help of their employers in addressing this gap.

In fact, a ClearCompany survey found that 68% of employees say that according to them, training and development is any company’s most important policy. Another survey revealed that 40% of employees with poor training will leave their new job within a year of joining.

Helping employees sharpen their existing skills and develop new skills offers multi-pronged advantages for organizations. The best part is, using and accessing eLearning tools like learning management systems and authoring tools has become easier than ever before.

These tools enable anyone to create and distribute quality training material, regardless of their prior experience with the same.

Offer Abundant Creative Freedom

Micromanagement is a known evil in corporate circles. At times, managers and business owners don’t even realize that they are micromanaging their employees.

However, in order to build and maintain a healthy corporate culture, it is critical to keep micromanagement in check and promote creative freedom. Instead of employing time tracking software and having strict and rigid break policies, try providing your employees with a challenging workload, tight deadlines, and complete freedom to achieve their targets however they see fit.

You never know, one of your employees may just invent/discover a brand new process or hack to get their tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Sure, this strategy may come with certain risks but if implemented with care, providing employees with creative freedom will help you bring out the best in them.


In conclusion, when you are trying out the tips mentioned in this article, don’t forget to collect your employee’s feedback about the same. It is important to understand that your employees are just as much responsible for nurturing the company’s culture. Hence, it is important to make sure they are on board with your new ideas. It is also a great idea to ask them for their ideas and consider implementing them.