The importance of videoconferencing for modern companies

The importance of videoconferencing for modern companies
The Siliconreview
16 June, 2020

In recent years, technologies have brought innovations indispensable to the corporate environment. In this sense, it is important that managers are attentive to make their business increasingly profitable, using the new tools available, such as video conferencing.

Using video conferencing is one of the means to reduce distances and ensure that meetings and other commitments can be carried out over the internet. This reduces costs and allows for the optimization of professional resources. Moreover, there are many companies that too, provide video conferencing installation as a service. Thus, turning the humble meeting room into an advanced room for remote meetings.

Now we will explain what video conferencing is, how you can implement it. Also, when it is best to use this remote work technology and also some advantages when using it in your business.

Understanding what videoconferencing is

Perhaps one of the most efficient and popular communication tools in the business environment, videoconferences are quite popular among companies that have more than one department, serving to bring together people who are located in different physical environments, allowing interaction between them and ensuring a greater sensation belonging.

When we talk about video conferencing, we are talking about exactly what the name says: a video conference. This means that, through the use of video cameras and microphones, it is possible to connect two or more people, who can see and hear in real-time, as if they were in the same environment.

This technology aims to allow people from different locations to meet, see and hear each other in real-time, but without having to be physically present in the same environment, ensuring more practicality, reducing costs and optimizing schedules.

Learn how to make a video conference broadcast

Many companies have already adopted solutions for videoconferencing, but for those who are unaware of this type of tool, this process may seem complicated or even impossible to be carried out. However, doing a video conference is simpler than it may seem at first. We now explain, step by step, what it takes to make a video conference call:

Equipment suitable for video conferencing

In order to be able to carry out a videoconference, it is necessary to have computers, cell phones or notebooks that contain video cameras, microphones and an internet connection for data transmission.

Choice of video conferencing platform

The second step, after ensuring that the necessary equipment is available, is to choose the videoconference transmission platform, which can be free or paid, according to the needs of the video conference to be held.

Free solutions usually have restrictions on the number of simultaneous people in the same conference room, time limit or duration of the conference and even require the insertion of personal data to release the use of the tool.

Situations in which video conferencing is recommended

It is possible to highlight several situations where the use of videoconferencing is positive in the business environment, the main ones being the integration between teams located in different physical locations, the possibility of carrying out tasks in the home office regime, better use of time, for avoiding commuting, among others. videoconferencing

Now, we will list some of the main advantages and benefits of having a video conferencing system and explain the positive points that your company has when using this tool. Check out the details below!

Language considerations

You’ll also need to consider your multilingual video conferencing needs when choosing your platform. Communicating across international borders is easier than it has ever been. Video conferencing platforms not only provide international connectivity but many also come with built in interpretation services. If you only speak English but need to communicate with a Spanish-speaking distributor (say) then Zoom interpretation services allow you to quickly and easily jump on a call with a professional interpreter present in order to facilitate the conversation. The languages available and ease of access vary from platform to platform, so factor this in when searching for the right video conferencing service to meet your needs.

Cost reduction

Through the use of videoconferencing, it is possible to reduce costs significantly, mainly with travel, phone calls and commuting. Thus, it is feasible to hold meetings and align important matters using the device itself, which allows the sharing of spreadsheets, data and indicators in an efficient and practical way. Thus, with the reduction in the demand for financial resources, you can allocate investments to strategic areas of the company. This will contribute to generating greater profitability and improving operational performance.

Time savings and optimization

It is a fact that commuting is a very considerable time spent, even within the city itself. So, the main advantage of video conferencing is that it eliminates the need to leave the computer to talk to someone. In this sense, in order to meet with an employee from another area of ​​your company, for example, you have the opportunity to simply stop your activities for a few minutes, put the videoconferencing software into action and chat.

Important gains in productivity

In a scenario in which customers demand more and more speed; videoconferencing allows employees to work on other activities instead of travelling to other locations. This makes it easier to focus on the business, prioritize what is most urgent and continuously improve processes. When the professionals' time is directed to relevant tasks, there is a guarantee that the entire company will use the effort oriented to perform their duties.