Why Your Company Needs to Get on LinkedIn Right Now

Why Your Company Needs to Get on LinkedIn Right Now
The Siliconreview
19 June, 2020

Whether your company provides supplies, financing, or software testing services (see to other businesses, you need to find ways to position yourself ahead of your competition. There are many products and services out there to help you do so, but one that’s highly cost-effective and might be able to help you more than you think is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a powerful business tool. Not to be confused with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is an online business networking platform. As such, it can help you build your network, assess the competition, find new customers, and increase your revenue. It can help you transform your business in ways you might not have considered but only if you understand how to use it correctly.

Create a Presence

While LinkedIn isn’t a social networking site, there are some ways in which it’s similar to one. For example, the first thing you should do after signing up is to create a profile. A LinkedIn profile is like a Facebook or Twitter one in that you provide information about yourself as well as profile and banner photos. However, the information you provide here is different from what you would share on Facebook.

On LinkedIn, your profile is like an electronic resume that gives you the opportunity to show your past experience and education. It also enables you to display projects you’ve worked on as well as your key skills and talents.

In addition to your personal profile, you should create one for your company. You can post as either, and your company profile gives you a secondary platform from which to promote your offerings.

Bump YourFindability

LinkedIn is all about finding and being found. Your goal should be to make yourself and your company the most findable among those who offer the same services. If you do, you’ll show up in more search results and those who need your services will be more likely to call upon you. There are several ways to boost your potential for being found:

  • Connect with as many people as possible. Searches turn up first- and second-degree contacts only, so the more people you’re connected with, the more easily you’ll be found.
  • Use keywords in your profile. For example, if you provide business financing and you know potential customers are likely to use the search term “financing for new business,” find a way to work this phrase into your personal and company profiles as many times as you can without sounding unnatural.
  • Fill out your profile entirely. Use all the sections to display your expertise, demonstrate your success, and plant those keywords.
  • Participate often. The more you post and participate in groups, the more noticeable you become.

Create Content

To follow the suggestion above to “participate often,” there are several methods you can use. First, you can post your own original material, such as photos, videos, and professional memes. You can also share others’ posts or point to specific URLs. Always keep this content relevant and useful to a business audience.

You can also take advantage of LinkedIn’s extensive collection of groups. If you don’t find a group that interests you, start your own! Whether you participate in someone else’s group or start your own, the key is to invest time getting to know the group and offering useful advice to its members. You’ll benefit from others getting to know you as an expert in your field.

Finally, you can use LinkedIn as a platform to create your own original articles. It’s essentially like a blog with a built-in audience.

To ramp up your content sharing on LinkedIn, incorporate it into your marketing plan. Create a content calendar so you remain consistent. This practice can help you gain more followers and build a solid online reputation.

Take Next Steps

Once you have personal and company profiles built, think of how you’d like your employees to participate. It may be as simple as having each person build their own profile or more extensive like asking them to share material that you post on the company profile.

At this point, you can also perform searches for potential employees, prospects, and competitors. For example, if you provide website development services within the technology industry, you can perform a search using these filters, and refine even further to find marketing managers who might be receptive to your offering. If such a search doesn’t seem like enough, you can also advertise on LinkedIn.

Finally, LinkedIn offers paid features that you may or may not need. Use the free trial version for a few weeks to see what it can offer you and whether it’s a good idea for you to pay for a subscription.

In Summary

LinkedIn can help you take your company to the next level but only if you know how to take advantage of all its features. If you’ve never tried it before, use the suggestions here and see how much your business improves.