10 Reasons Your Business Needs Toll Free Numbers

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Toll Free Numbers
The Siliconreview
16 July, 2020

There’s a widespread misconception that the use of toll free numbers only applies to big companies and enterprises. Yet, toll-free numbers can be a great asset to all businesses, whether big or small. One major edge these numbers provide is that customers get to make a call to your business customer service line at no cost.

How Toll-Free Numbers Work

Toll-free numbers are mostly used for customer service calls. They work as a phone number of potential clients, and customers can call without getting charged for the call. On the caller’s end, it has the similitude of being free, but on the receiver’s end, they’re not free. Instead, toll-free numbers enable businesses to absorb the cost of all the calls placed to their toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers always begin with a prefix number, which are substitutes for the area codes in the operator issued phone numbers. The codes you may see in a toll-free number include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 822. However, toll-free numbers require the callers to use landlines to take advantage of the free call option. Otherwise, telecom operators will bill the callers.

Reasons Your Business Needs Toll Free Numbers

So, does your business need a toll-free number? Definitely, and here are 10 reasons how your business can benefit from it:

  1. Improved Business Credibility

Businesses that make use of personal phone numbers usually don’t come off as a credible business for many potential customers. However, toll-free numbers add the needed edge of a professional perception of your business, and no one passes up the opportunity to do business with professionals. This means that you would get the credibility and trust of potential customers quickly and even before any interaction with your business.

Also, the fact that toll-free numbers don’t charge customers to make inquiries, complaints, and orders via a call will do a lot for your business’ credibility. It’s hard to imagine a customer having to make a 30 to 1-hour call that they have to pay for by themselves. Potential customers or leads are often encouraged to inquire about business operations via toll-free numbers since it’s free. 

  1. Better Customer Retention

When you have a toll-free number for business, there’s a chance that existing customers may be retained. Customers sometimes need to be worked through some steps over lengthy phone calls. In a situation where customers know they’ll be taking on huge calling costs, they’re more likely to call when they need help. As long as their various issues are solved, then customers are more likely to stick with your business.

Since these calls don’t cost customers money, it’s easier to put in a word to request for referrals, which is something most satisfied customers will gladly do.

  1. Easier Brand Recognition

Toll-free numbers can be a huge way to improve customers’ brand recognition. Due to the high level of customization they allow, toll-free numbers are always easy to remember. With only a few others added to the 1-800 prefix, most toll-free numbers can have a number repeated multiple times. Compared to a personal phone number, which are random numbers assigned by network service providers, toll-free numbers are much easier to remember.

Toll-free numbers that are vanity numbers even take the ease of brand recognition higher. These vanity numbers allow businesses to affix their business names after the 1-800 and other codes. Hence, anyone who sees it can tell it’s for your business, allowing them to easily remember the next time they need it. 

  1. They Can be Included In Automated Services

Most businesses engage in outbound calling – the process where customers and leads get calls from your sales representative as a means of follow up.

While these calls are an important marketing method, it can become highly time-consuming for businesses. This often makes sales personnel less productive due to the time spent making calls.

To get your outbound calling going, toll-free numbers are a great solution as they can be integrated into an auto dialer. Auto dialing software can make calls to a list of customers that have been saved into its system. It either redirect calls to your sales personnel after someone has picked or plays a prerecorded message for them, making your toll-free number function as an effective time-saving tool.

  1. They’re Portable and Permanent

Toll-free numbers don’t have the usual locational restrictions associated with traditional or virtual phone numbers. This means anyone needing your services all across the country can easily put a call across to your toll-free number. 

This also means changing your business location doesn’t need to cause a fret anymore. With toll-free numbers, your clientele in your former location can still contact you. If you also had to temporarily leave town, then it won’t be so much of an issue as you can choose to forward the calls to your mobile phone as they come in. All of these are made possible by advancements in the technology behind these phone numbers over the years.

Also, when you’ve been assigned a toll-free number, you get to own it for as long as you want it. So, regardless of whether you change your provider or not, your business phone number can remain the same. 

  1. A Highly Satisfactory Customer Experience

The best customer service is based on direct and physical conversations. When this is not possible, the closest customers can get to a physical conversation is a voice call.

Voice calls are great for customers who cannot appear physically at your offices. This way, they can still feel as if they’re talking to a customer representative, which can be helpful as customers are getting more resistant to the use of web customer services due to the high risk of compromising their personal information.

Also, a direct call allows for no delay times. This means customers can easily reach your business to get answers or at least some commitment that their requests are to be attended to soon. For inconclusive calls, customers might even get a call back from your business representatives.

  1. An Effective Campaign Tracking Tool

Marketing is an important business segment that takes a lot of effort and money from business owners. Did you know that toll-free numbers can be a tracking tool for businesses? They can be affixed with slight differences to all the marketing media of a company, allowing businesses to know which media is generating the most leads.

The newer technologies in virtual phone numbers enable the tracking ability by creating extensions that are each specific to a medium. This can help a business take deliberate steps to put more focus on the working media and up the game on the other ones, too, increasing call volume and sales.

  1. Affordability and Ease of Acquisition

The cost of obtaining a toll-free number is a major concern of businesses, which is the reason why some are hesitant about getting one. Fortunately, today, phone service providers have newer technologies that are considerably reducing these costs.

These don’t come with the high monthly bills, as was the case before. Using a VoIP service to obtain your business’ toll-free number always come with a very small monthly subscription fee. The ROI is also impressive as you’ll continue getting businesses through that number as long as you choose to keep it.

The process of acquiring a toll-free number used to be very difficult and time-consuming. The process was mainly characterized by the lengthy time it took to acquire a new number. Today, virtual phone number services allow for an easy setup process and a comparatively shorter times of getting the phone number and putting it to use.

  1. A Timeless Availability

The need for business phone lines to be reachable all the time cannot be downplayed. With toll-free numbers, this can be easily achieved. Toll-free numbers are not personal phone numbers, hence it’s not restricted to be answered by a single person all the time.

By integrating the toll-free number with an automated system, the line can redirect to different customer care agents until there’s a free agent. This way, a customer can get answers even at peak hours and at any time of the day.

  1. Better Leads Generation and Conversion

If there was any doubt about getting a toll-free number, then a guaranteed higher number of leads and conversion is worth a rethink. Because of toll-free numbers, you’ll receive a higher number of calls. Because of this, your business will have more leads.

The common reasons for the higher number of calls are both the free cost and the fact that it’s now easier to memorize your business’ number.

Final Thoughts

Toll-free numbers are not as popular as they used to be, but they’re still very useful for business. Businesses who have them can make them even more effective by the use of additional automation systems.

Customer satisfaction and a timeless availability of your lines are possible with the use of toll-free numbers. They’re now cheaper and easier to acquire for business owners. Toll-free numbers can increase leads generation and conversion over time. Improved brand image and recognition being achievable by the use of these numbers makes them even more important.