4 Incredibly Useful Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

4 Incredibly Useful Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies
The Siliconreview
01 July, 2020

Every market is different and it is these differences that inform the way businesses approach marketing. In the technology space, marketing is evolving, and this is why technology businesses must come up with strategies to better position themselves in what is becoming one of the most competitive business environments. The main aim of these strategies should be to reach the people who make purchase decisions to increase sales. Below we will look at some strategies that technology companies and businesses can utilize to reach the right people and increase their chances of landing a sale.

Using Original, Engaging Content

Content is king on the internet, and its effects are amplified if you use original and engaging content. Video content is vital because it can be used to showcase the products and services you sell in a short amount of time. A 2-3 minute video can have a larger impact than a whole page of sales jargon.

When creating video content, it is important that you craft great stories. These stories have to be engaging, as this makes it easier for people to pay attention to what you are saying. A great story should break down complex solutions and show the viewers how you provided a creative, working solution for another business that was in the same position. You can also tell the viewers about your business, how it started, or even how you came up with the solutions you are offering.

Most importantly, the content should be helpful. You can create educational video content to complement other types of video content you are posting. Useful video content can include tutorials, demos, solutions, or even webinars that answer your potential customers’ most pressing questions.

Client testimonials should also form part of your content and video marketing efforts. People trust businesses that are validated by people who have benefited from your products and services. It is important to remember not to post too many of these videos as people do not want to feel like they are being pushed towards your goods and services. If you do not want to post too many testimonials videos, you can always combine a few testimonials into one video. Between each testimonial, you can have a demonstration of how your products and services solved a problem.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools help technology enterprises target, nurture, and contact potential leads better. These tools help technology companies build sustainable business models as they can be tweaked to provide predictable outcomes for these businesses.

  • Segmentation and geo-targeted marketing - Segmenting customers into groups is one of the best ways to tailor marketing campaigns towards them. This way, the message is better received, and the targeted group feels like the solutions offered are tailored to their specific needs. One critical aspect of segmenting prospects in this way is through the use of geo-targeted marketing. Here, a company targets a specific region or area where they know there is a large number of potential prospects and leads. Using strategies like geofencing from LNP Media Group, companies can focus their marketing efforts in one area and then segment the leads collected from those areas to target them better. LNP Media Group grows brands using different marketing methods and techniques, and they have solutions for technology companies too.
  • Automation - After the geo-targeting is done and the leads segmented, automation can be used to send emails tailored specifically to the different segments. That way, the company can focus on other areas of their business, knowing this one marketing task is taken care of.
  • Lead scoring - If you want to know who your most engaged prospects are, you have to use lead scoring. Here, you assign points according to the actions your prospects take. For example, you could award points for opening an email, clicking a link, or even visiting the website. The prospects with the most points at the end of a marketing campaign are deemed to be most engaged, and these are the prospects most likely to become paying customers.

Influencer Marketing

Everyone is trying to advertise online. This means that your message can be lost in the midst of all the noise and other content posted online. Also, there is so much marketing in the tech space, and this is starting to desensitize and turn prospective customers away. Because of this, your company has to find ways to cut through all this noise and reach the exact people it targets.

This is where influencer marketing comes in. Influencer marketing leverages familiar faces, celebrities, and social media personalities in marketing campaigns. All these parties can talk about your products and services, and because they are already trusted by their audiences, their audiences can trust your company and its products and services.

When doing influencer marketing, you should:

  • Start by identifying target buyers - You should develop a buyer persona for the type of person who might be interested in your products and services. Once you have this persona, you will know what their challenges are, what solutions they need, what types of content would resonate better with them as well as who they deem to be an authority in the social media space.
  • Identify the right influencers - These are authorities in the industry you are in that your target buyers are already following. If you do not know who the right influencers might be, search for people who fit into your buyer persona and see who they follow and listen to.
  • Have some credibility - Before approaching any influencers, establish yourself as a leader in your industry. That way, the influencers are likely to take you seriously as opposed to seeing you as someone looking for free or cheap online visibility.
  • Have a solid foundation - Because you cannot approach influencers empty-handed, you should have a solid foundation. This includes things like posts, marketing material, webinars, or other content they can integrate into their stories or posts. All these materials should provide value, be unique, and offer a different perspective.

Go Live

As a technology company, you might be tempted to market online and never go out into the real world to interact with people. However, people love face-to-face interactions with the businesses they want to buy from. One of the best ways to do this is to host a live event. A live event provides branding opportunities and awareness. If you are a small business, your main challenge might be that you are not being noticed in the industry or market. A live event can help solve this.

Live events also provide a unique opportunity for your business to gain some leads. This is especially useful for companies that are already established. When doing this, it is important to have systems in place to collect, segment, and follow up with leads and prospective customers.

Lastly, live events give you an opportunity to engage with your customers. A meet and greet after the live event can go a long way in giving you the positive publicity your company might need. These engagements are also a great way of gathering feedback as well as finding out what else your customers need, so you are in a better position to better serve those needs.

Because the way technology companies market themselves is always changing, you should take some steps to ensure you keep up. The strategies above are a good place to start.