Amazon Unleashes Honeycode, a No-Code App Building Platform

Amazon Unleashes Honeycode, a No-Code App Building Platform
The Siliconreview
02 July, 2020

Amazon in a recently held press conference has announced the launch of its no-code/low-code, fully managed app building platform tool 'Amazon Honeycode' that will teach many organizations how to build an app without using any particular programming. Amazon Honeycode will provide its users with a spreadsheet interface which in turn will help the users to build various applications using previously built templates and fonts.

 This all-new app will also enable users to schedule events, manage customer relationships, to do user surveys, content and inventory tracking, and also lets to create a to-do-list table with available templates and fonts. The app will also help customers to solve static problems that occur on a spreadsheet without any interruption and removes versioning and data synching errors that are caused due to emailing processes. 

The Honeycode app takes the data from processed database that is built on the Amazon Web services platform and this data can be scaled up to several rows per workbook. With this custom made app, users can easily build their own applications without having to worry about the templates, fonts, and underlying infrastructure. This move by Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help them to broaden its users beyond programmers through its powerful platform. It will also help the firm to grow bigger, almost about 50%, in the low-code application building market by 2022.