How Businesses Can Overcome Covid-19 Challenges With Technology

How Businesses Can Overcome Covid-19 Challenges With Technology
The Siliconreview
16 July, 2020

The pandemic has impacted businesses in ways we could never imagine and each individual organization has encountered its own challenges. One thing that many have in common is the increasing numbers of employees now working from home and managing these staff members remotely can come with complications.

New and current systems are being utilized within the professional world to accommodate for this, especially cloud-based HR systems. Cezanne is an HR system that has been providing these features for a number of years but has witnessed an increase in new and current clients using even more features of the software than before lockdown was implemented.

But how can these systems benefit businesses during coronavirus and help overcome hurdles that work from home presents managers and HR teams?

What Is An HR System?

These cloud-based platforms allow staff, managers and various departments’ access to all things HR-related.

From contact details, annual leave and training. Packages and software can be altered to fit all manner of business requirements and as much or as little information can be stored as you like.

The biggest benefit during this time is that they can be accessed from anywhere and any computer, tablets or smartphone.

How Can HR Systems Help Your Business?


It’s important to continue employee development during this time, even if no financial benefit can be offered to employees, such as bonuses, promotions and pay reviews.

Continuing training not only benefits the business with more knowledgeable teams, but it also shows those employees that they are valued and their progression is still important. To enhance their career progression, employees may opt to take training courses to further develop their skills and knowledge.

CPD certification provides recognition that a training course has been verified at a professional standard which adds value to the training course, enabling the employee to benefit more from it and discuss with their employer what they’ve learnt.

HR systems allow training plans to be created and accessed, they can be tailored for each user depending on their current strengths and weaknesses.

This can then be completed at a time convenient to each employee, eradicating the issue of collating all staff members at the same time.

Training progress can be tracked by managers so they can easily identify who is struggling and may need extra support. This also provides a paper trail to staff members so they can have a visual record of their progress.


Whether your business is in a position to expand or not, at some point new staff will need to be hired and it is likely that this will still have to happen remotely.

HR systems allow all stages of onboarding to be assembled in one place, with all team members involved being able to have access.

Candidates can be grouped together and mass messages sent out to those who are and are not successful during various stages alleviated the monotonous task of doing so from the HR team and managers.

When a successful candidate has been chosen, they can be provided with their own personal login so new starter forms can be completed before their start date.

They can also remotely access training materials, colleague profiles and any other information you deem necessary. Starting a new role is nerve-wracking, let alone having to do so during a pandemic, so anything an employer can do to make it easier for their new staff can make a huge difference.


Communication within teams seems to be one of the biggest hurdles during lockdown. Quick conversations and small queries are no longer easy to attend to.

Those casual conversations in the breakroom are no longer and trying to gather large numbers of staff together to relay information can be tricky, especially with many juggling child care and other commitments during working hours.

Emails can swiftly be lost among busy inboxes and there is no guarantee staff will read these, chasing all team members to ask if they have received it can be just as fruitless.

Mass messages can be sent to employees and recipient lists can be tailored. Managers can track those who have opened these, meaning chases are significantly reduced.

HR systems can also provide the tool to ask employees to agree they have read and understood this, so there are no excuses for missed information or errors. This provides managers and HR teams peace of mind that all relevant information has been passed on.

HR Advice

Small businesses may not yet have a dedicated HR team or perhaps those staff members have been required to go on furlough or even made redundant.

That doesn’t mean HR obligations should be overlooked, however, with so many codes and practices to follow, we can’t all be HR experts.

This is where you can really find value for money, avoid HR system vendors that are simply software specialists. Although they can provide great customer service for technical issues, this is where their expertise ends.

Choosing an HR system supplier who specializes in both HR and technology can bring great advantages. HR professionals are on the other line to help you with any issues and provide clarification when needed about human resources.

Even those of us who have a basic knowledge of HR practices are unlikely to know how to handle these strange circumstances we have found ourselves in, so it’s good to know we can reach out for free advice from our HR system provider.


Staff will not provide quality work and meet deadlines if they are not mentally well. Mental health is in decline across the country and it’s important to keep an eye on employees and offer support and advice if needed.

This can be tricky when we can’t actually see our colleagues in person. We are often reluctant to voice our concerns and there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues for some people.

Video calling, although a great way to have a catch-up, doesn’t provide a good place for employees to reach out for help and even if presented with the opportunity to share any concerns, will often decline.

HR systems allow managers to create surveys that can be completed anonymously if needed, that gives staff a chance to communicate how they are really doing.

Managers can then provide resources for help and see if there is any correlation between departments so extra support can be provided.

Remote working has lasted longer than expected and it appears that this may become the new normal for many of us. That’s why it’s imperative we invest in the right technologies to help us through this time.