Improving Navigation of Web Stores

Improving Navigation of Web Stores
The Siliconreview
28 July, 2020

As more consumers take their shopping online, it’s important that web stores make easy navigation a top priority. Having a smooth navigation focused interface ensures that customers find what they’re looking for without any hassle. This leads to greater performance and retention for business owners, as well as increased satisfaction for any consumer's experience. That’s why good design is important to make browsing easy.

What Good Navigation Looks Like

Consistency is key when it comes to web navigation. After all, It would be extremely confusing for customers if they’re searching for an item but every page looks like a different site than the last. The same kind of information should be displayed for every single product, and be placed in the same location. For example, if a customer is looking up the product code of an item, and see it on the top of the page, they’ll expect to see it in the same place for any other product they shop. Most of the time, customers know exactly what they’re going to buy, but for the ones who don’t, it’s important that they can quickly locate the products that will speak to them the most.

Must-Have Features to Help Users Navigate

If you want your customers to keep shopping, some key features to implement that will have a great impact on their experience are multiple filtering options, improved search functionality, and sorting functionality. Taking advantage of web navigation specific services such as Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2  can help implement these features on already existing sites.

With filtering options, customers are able to find the most attractive option for the brands they want within their budget range as well as check how new the products are. It can help customers narrow down their results from a huge sea of products to a select few that they're more likely to purchase. Being able to filter by product rating ensures that customers will be satisfied with their purchases, and will likely leave more positive feedback themselves too.

Sorting functionality is similar in that it lets users narrow down results to the ones most attractive for them. When people can easily tell which products are the fastest-selling, highest reviewed, or most-watched, they are much more interested in what they find as a result. After all, these are the most trustworthy because their place in the rankings is decided by the consumers who purchased the products themselves.

The search options are the most important part of any online store. After all, customers can’t buy your products if they can’t find them! Search engine optimization is critical to ensuring that a customer lands on your page instead of a competitor. Including a sitemap, making sure that URLs are clean, and checking to see if every product shows up on a search page will go a long way in guiding users to their destinations.

Taking care of navigation on your website can be a simpler process than most realize. Just sticking to a few basic guidelines can make a world of difference.