Suggestions on Performing a Macbook Cleanup

Suggestions on Performing a Macbook Cleanup
The Siliconreview
21 July, 2020

Has it been a while since you got your Macbook but never got the chance to do a thorough cleaning? If so, it is highly likely that you have suffered from drops in performance, and the situation will not fix itself. You need to take action as soon as you can.

If you still lack experience, follow the suggestions mentioned below. Once you are finished, you should notice how much better the computer is performing.

Suggestion #1 – Clean Junk Files

Starting with junk files is a good course of action. App plugins, extensions, old backups, and other useless data may not take a lot of drive space, but they are still not doing your computer any favors.

These files accumulate on Macbooks quite fast, and even if you delete an application, the caches and other stuff remain on the disk.

Getting rid of junk data manually is a bit complicated. You need to change settings and create backups to avoid deleting crucial files accidentally. Thus, it would be much better to use one of the available app cleaners for mac. These cleaners will do the job for you automatically. And you can perform the cleaning regularly, improving the performance of the Macbook whenever you feel like things are not good.

Suggestion #2 – Free up Drive Space


Lack of disk space can become a big issue if you are not careful with your data management. The Macbook hard drives are not that spacious in the first place, so you need to be extra careful with how you use them.

For starters, try to remove old files like email attachments and downloads consistently. Otherwise, you will start to wonder where all the gigabytes are disappearing.

Transferring some stuff to clouds and external storage devices will also give you more breathing room. Finally, if you can, subscribe to streaming platforms to eliminate the need to keep large media files on the Macbook.

Suggestion #3 – Scan for Potential Malware

Potential viruses and other cybersecurity threats can strike at your computer when you least expect it. Users should be prepared in advance by installing a reliable antivirus and avoiding shady websites.

However, not everyone is willing to do that. In case you notice a sudden drop in Macbook’s performance, scan the system, and remove any files that could be corrupted.

Enabling a firewall on top of antivirus will add another layer of security. You can also look for other methods. After all, you can never be certain about these things, even if your Macbook is just for personal use.

Suggestion #4 – Remove Dirt Inside


Cleaning the filth inside should also be one of the priorities. All that dust and dirt that accumulate over time can lead to internal hardware damages.

If you notice a loud noise coming from the fans, or the temperature is higher than usual, it is probably because of the dirt inside the computer. Some people think that purchasing a cooling pad will solve the problem. While the accessory has its uses, regular removal of the filth inside should still take priority.

Suggestion #5 – Manage Applications

Application management consists of more than just deleting the apps and getting rid of temporary files they create.

Activity Monitor shows you which processes are consuming the most resources. There will be applications you cannot remove or replace because they are an integral part of the system. But the likes of internet browsers or antiviruses can be replaced with better alternatives because there are multiple options available.

Some applications do not have to run in the background all the time as well. When you need it, you can always launch them. Trimming the startup item list should help with this issue. It will also reduce the loading time every time you restart the computer.

Suggestion #6 – Disable Visual Effects

Disabling visual effects is not a part of a Macbook cleanup per se, but if you are looking to save on resource usage, it is still worth the time. You can disable some stuff in the Dock as well as get rid of the backlit keyboard. These things may seem like a nice addition to have, but pragmatic Macbook users ought not to hesitate when they are disabling such visual effects.

Suggestion #7 – Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop is something that should not occur in the first place. Some people like to keep their files on the desktop for the sake of convenience, but they do not consider what this habit does to the overall well-being of the computer.

Every icon consumes memory and other resources. It would be better to move the files to proper locations and keep your desktop icon-free. Finding the necessary files is not an issue either because you have Spotlight and its search feature.