Increase in e-commerce usage during the Covid-19 period

Increase in e-commerce usage during the Covid-19 period
The Siliconreview
07 August, 2020

Businesses worldwide changed due to the pandemic because consumer behaviour changes. We can observe an increase in Singaporean eCommerce during covid19, with spectacular growth rates. The stay and work from home regulation starting April 7th created the perfect environment for businesses that activate online to bloom. This outbreak conducted a switch in consumer behaviour, more people turning to online shopping. Even the ones who were reluctant to this type of shopping before, now they saw the benefits of this action and started buying online.

If your business has not a strong presence online at the moment, it is time to reconsider that. Now it is the time for a change, and you should be aware of the fact that this significant change in consumer behaviours is here to stay. Every person who could see the advantages of buying online will continue to do so. We can help you to develop a powerful presence online; our team is trained to deliver the best results, using proven strategies. But let's find the main reasons why the eCommerce market will have to gain genuinely in these harsh conditions.

Consumer Behaviour Has Changed – For Good?

We discussed the switch previously in consumer preferences and behaviour, but we invite you to take a more in-depth look at this issue. Statistics reveal the fact that more than 50% of consumers have more plans to shop online now, compared to only 17% that said that would make fewer purchases online. You can easily see that the trend of online shopping is ascending. The increase of the online orders reported by shops during this crisis reached more than 100% growth compared to the same period the last year. The online environment is now providing numerous opportunities for companies to grow and achieve success. The possibilities are strong and you, as an entrepreneur, should not ignore them. E-retailers will continue to gain significant share in the retail market. And this is understandable due to the current situation. People are staying more indoors and avoid public places.

Moreover, many physical stores were closed, and the only available market 24/7 is e-commerce. Shopping online is a far more comfortable way. Consumers don't have to worry about being infected, but they also can discover other advantages. They can simply place an order online, without having to worry about finding a physical store, a parking spot, and so on. All are available in a much quicker way, online. The Singapore market is evolving, switching the focus online.

The Online Shop Outperforms The Physical Store

There is no denying that online shops experience a boom these days. You should know that statistics reveal the fact that the revenues in the e-commerce market announce the amount of $2,333m in 2020. This amount is fantastic, and you, as an entrepreneur or marketer, must take a piece of it. It is a clear trend that will persist after this crisis. You should also be aware of the following statistics: According to Nielsen, 37% of the Singaporeans have increased online shopping since the pandemic outbreak, and 76% indicate that they will not return to their old habits of shopping from physical stores. The Singaporeans state that the main reasons for this statement are the convenience and accessibility of products online. They are changing their lifestyle, including the way they are shopping. These adjustments lead naturally to a new and long-lasting habit. The consumers are now more aware than never regarding the health cautions and want to enjoy in the future the convenience of shopping online. This is the reason why the focus will be primarily on online stores, and not on physical stores, as it used to.  With the vast rise in digital usage, in particular organic (SEO) related behaviour, for businesses looking to tap into this pool of new users, looking for an SEO agency is a good idea.

Great Opportunities in the Digital Space

The two previous points take us to the next important one: there will be great opportunities online for businesses that used to focus on physical stores.

Now it is more important than ever to focus your marketing strategies online. Specialists can set up an excellent website for your business and implement effective strategies that can grow your profits substantially not only now, but in the long term as well. Winning a high rank in the search engine and ensuring a significant presence in the other digital channels will be the best strategy possible for F&B businesses. You should focus on a website that provides the best user experience, with straightforward access and seamless navigation. Your potential buyers must be able to shop easily from your company. The focus should be on delivering even more excellent experience than in the physical shop because the focus will be online.

You can easily take advantage of the vast opportunities online by choosing a great digital marketing agency that has the know-how and experience to provide for your company the best results. They will create efficient strategies that will ensure your website is displayed on the first page of Google. And this is a highly important factor because 73% of users never scroll past the first page of results in Google. To ensure your company's success in Singapore, you must be aware of this switch in consumer behaviour and adapt to it. After all, this is the first rule of survival. Understand your audience and their current needs and be present online to meet their new and lasting demands.

This pandemic caused numerous changes, especially in the commercial sector. As we pointed out, they are some big winners in these harsh conditions, and they are the e-commerce shops. You should step up the game and improve your presence online to make sure not only that your business survives, but evolves and grows. The trend is ascending, and online markets will continue to win even when the pandemic stops. Digital marketing agencies can help you to implement fantastic strategies that will skyrocket your sales in Singapore. They have multiple channels available, such as Google ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, to make sure that your company stays in front of your competition and the attention of the potential customers. It is a great opportunity that can ensure significant results when it is executed by specialists.