Best Tips for Email Management in Gmail

Best Tips for Email Management in Gmail
The Siliconreview
29 September, 2020

Email marketing is a digital marketing staple, and it is here to stay. So, for digital marketers, deciding which platform to use for email marketing is more challenging than determining whether they should engage in email marketing.

Gmail is an undisputed popular email marketing choice because it has 1.5 billion users. Now that you have settled for email marketing through Gmail, the next step is to build an email marketing campaign that wins you, customers. Do you need an email signature? Yes. Do you need attachments? Yes. Do you need labels? Yes.

Email management is vital in designing a winning email marketing campaign. You could have the best strategy, but it will not yield the desired results if it is not well executed. So, here is a guide on the best tips for email management in Gmail to ensure your email marketing campaign yields the results you want.

Mark important messages as unread

With many users and billions of emails sent daily, organizing your inbox is an integral part of good email management. There are times when your email inbox is not well organized, and an important email slips your attention. This oversight can cost your business, but it is easily fixable, so be a little attentive.

In Gmail, this is relatively easy to do as the settings tab has an option to list unread messages at the top of your email inbox at all times. What this does is that it allows you to mark important messages as unread.

Keeping important messages as unread will enable you to retrieve these emails at a time when you can better attend to the content. If you make this regular, you can use the filter to see all unread messages and spend time attending to emails that require your attention.     

Store email signatures in a dedicated service

Email signatures have become a staple in email marketing campaigns because they help you with click-through rates, open rates, conversion rates, and more. A personal email signature is the best way to integrate an email signature into your email marketing campaign.


For example, you might use market segmentation for your email, and you might need different email signatures for different segments of your market; in this case, if you use multiple signatures, create them with a professional email signature management tool. In the end, all your essential metrics will be tracked through one email signature portal.

This management strategy will allow you to better manage your email signature statistics and track your email efforts through Gmail.

Use different Starred items symbols                

Just marking your messages as unread will allow you to quickly retrieve and sift through these messages when you have time; Gmail's starred items ensure you do not miss important messages from your inbox. You can create starred messages from particular senders. This feature will ensure that these messages appear at the top of your inbox and make sure you do not miss these important emails.

In Gmail, there is a starred feature at the left of the emails in your inbox. In case you need to create starred messages from multiple senders, you can do that too. Not only do these starred messages appear as a priority and on top before, but they also appear in a different folder labeled starred, and you can search these emails through the search bar as well.

Using this simple label option will allow you to identify important senders and ensure their messages never get lost in your Gmail inbox.

Create your own emails labels            

If you get one email a day, it is easy to read that and move on, but what if you get thousands or what if you need to access something from last year? While there are features like starred emails to ensure your important senders are tracked, you can go a step further in managing your email inbox. Like the categories on your website, you can have categories within your Gmail inbox that help you sort out the information you have.

For example, you can have a tab dedicated to your analytical reports from your email signature provider or Google's advertisement engagement. This feature will make sure that whenever you need to access these metrics, you do not have to worry about remembering the exact keyword for search or scroll through hundreds of thousands of emails. Adding folders with labels to organize the content that comes into your inbox will make sure you can easily search and access the information when needed and enhance your email management in Gmail.

Add attachments to Google Drive        

Chances are you have received at email at some point with an attachment you want to or need to view. You can download it to your computer and open it, or there is something more manageable, you can add the attachment to Google drive. By doing so, you get to access your document, and you get to save it to your drive and access it anywhere, anytime.


In the process, you get to make your laptop clutter-free, or if you are using a mobile device, you can ensure you can save important files to your drive immediately. If you are operating a business, organization is critical in making you efficient. In fact, you can further use the drive folder for collaboration by sharing folders and adding attachments in shared folders.

Use these email management options in Gmail to your advantage and add essential attachments to your Google drive to easily view and share important documents.   

Sort by Unread first                 

Though seemingly simple, organizing your inbox is an easy way to save time at the office and make your workday more efficient. In Gmail, you can sort your email by unread first. At the top corner of your Gmail page, you will notice a settings option. You can click on that and make sure you have clicked on the sort email based on making the unread emails appear first.

Regardless of the sender or the labels you have created, your inbox is an unfiltered space with all your received emails. If you sort your inbox with unread first, this will ensure that the content you have not read gets the utmost priority. Furthermore, it ensures you do not miss any unread emails. While you might be forced to trash some emails from your inbox, you want to make sure you see all the sent emails. So, sort your email by unread first and make sure your email management in Gmail allows you to be on top of things at all times.

Use email templates for repeating messages

If you see yourself repeating the same email content over and over again, it is time to create a template. Given that Gmail is a sophisticated email platform, it allows you to use email templates for repeating messages.

At the top right corner of your Gmail page, you will notice a settings button, click on it and go to advanced settings. Then click on templates and create a template or many templates based on your requirements. Once you have created templates, you can insert templates, edit them, delete them or automate sending template messages.

For example, you might have a standard thank you or seasons greeting message or a complicated series of marketing campaign messages that you need to send to different market segments, use email templates. Depending on your requirement, carefully read through the template instructions and use this email management option in Gmail to your benefit.

On an average day by 2018, an average worker was expected to send or receive 140 emails a day, and this number is continually on the rise. That is a lot of emails, and that is a lot of information that requires your immediate attention. There is a reason why over a billion people choose to use Gmail. It is because it has user-friendly features designed to enhance your user experience.

Make sure you make the most of these options by using the Gmail features to your advantage. Keep all the tips above in mind and use email management in a way that it benefits you and get the desired results from your email marketing campaign.