Compress MP4 – The top 7 MP4 Compressors

Compress MP4 – The top 7 MP4 Compressors
The Siliconreview
01 September, 2020

How to compress MP4 file? I have a video presentation that is larger in storage size, and my smartphone is unable to store it. Is it possible to resize the video? If yes, then what are the top MP4 compressors available?”

A video file is worthless if it has terrible picture quality. It is a general fact that video files take up a vast amount of storage space of a device to maintain high-quality resolution. Unfortunately, not every computer system or smartphone carries the luxury of ample storage space to store a video or any other file. For that purpose, video compression is necessary. This procedure resizes the video file to a more reasonable size and composition.

You can do compression of MP4 files and various other videos with a high-quality MP4 compressor. In this article, we will name and review the top 7 MP4 compressors. Moreover, we will share which one of those programs is better than the rest. So, please keep reading this post and find out the answer to your query.

  • Part 1. Compress MP4 – The Best MP4 Video Compression Software:
  • Part 2. Compress MP4 – The Top Online Video Compressors

Part 1.Compress MP4 – The Best MP4 Video Compression Software:

In this section of the article, we will review the top four offline(full version) video compression software. These programs will compress not just MP4 but several other video file types from your computer system.

1.    The UniConverter Video Compression Software by Wondershare:

Wondershare’s UniConverter is the most reliable application to MP4 video compression to the required size. The platform is fast, and the newest version has a wide variety of new and improved features. These features include a video converter, video recorder, and video editor.




  • It supports more than 1000 different video file types;
  • The app allows you to download HD videos from sites like YouTube;
  • It is available on both Windows and macOS.


  • You can only convert five videos at once with the trial version.

2.    Movavi Video Compressor:

Movavi Video Compressor tool is a top-quality program that can edit, convert, and, more importantly, compress any file to the desired storage size. The software supports both Windows and macOS platforms with a user-friendly and fast interface.




  • The software supports video file types for more than 180 different devices;
  • It has a fast-paced converting speed;


  • The program offers only a limited amount of video editing features.

3.    Freemake Video Compressor:

Freemake Video Compressor is one of the oldest tools available on the market that can convert, compress, and edit your video files. The program is free to use and offers a smooth UI experience.




  • The program supports more than 500 different video file formats;
  • Freemake offers the meansto download clips from different video sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, and Dailymotion.


  • It is only available for different versions of the Windows operating system.

4.    Any Video Converter:

Any Video Converter offers video compression and compression at a fast rate. The interface of the program is smooth, and it supports more than 150 video file types.




  • You can record and download videos with the Any Video Converter as well;
  • It offers a file conversion speed of 20x faster, which is significant than most video converters.


  • The software is only available on Windows.

Part 2.Compress MP4 – The Top Online Video Compressors:

Online file conversion platforms are a suitable alternative if you find any trouble with your system in installing a proper video compression tool. However, it is essential to note that these platforms offer limited resources in compressing video files than full software. In this section, we will share important info regarding the top online video compressors:

1.    The Online UniConverter:

The UniConverter offers an online service to compress videos. The platform has identical features to the offline version of the software.




  • The Online UniConverter can compress and convert your videos at 30x faster pace than other online platforms;
  • You can use the service through any web browser on both macOS and Windows;


  • You can convert to a limited amount of video file types with the online UniConverter.

2.    The Clipchamp Converter:

The Clipchamp converter is a versatile online platform not just to compress video files but to convert their file types as well. However, you can only change the video’s file format to WMV.




  • The platform is light and incredibly fast;
  • The video compression tool of the service is handy as it can lower the size of the file to an incredible amount.


  • The video compression may disrupt the quality of the video.

3.    Videosmaller:

Videosmaller is among the most popular online file compression tool that maintains the quality of the original video. The light-weight interface of the service is capable of altering the size of the video at a fantastic pace.




  • You can scale the video with Videosmaller. The process is reducing the width of the uploaded video file;
  • During the compression process, you can use Videosmaller to remove the audio from the video.


  • The platform doesn’t allow compression of video files more than 500MB.


After carefully reading this post, you know the top tools and online platforms to compress MP4 video. Each service that we have discussed in this article is a pioneer in the field of video compression. It is why you can use any of them and expect a quality outcome.

However, the one platform that stands out against the rest is the UniConverter. The service is reliable and has the backing of Wondershare. Moreover, you will be able to utilize additional video editing features with the software.