How Online Meeting Transcriptions Can Benefit Your Startup

How Online Meeting Transcriptions Can Benefit Your Startup
The Siliconreview
18 September, 2020

Recording business meetings is essential for every company, especially as more organizations have online meetings. Whether it’s for performance reviews, strategic planning, or inter-organizational meetings, each participant often brings in unique views. Information is distributed rapidly, and having it saved for later can be vital. Luckily, you can get an accurate Zoom transcription in seconds to help your employees be more productive.

Boosting Your Content’s Value

With transcriptions, you can make digital content more easily searchable. Even if you’ve recorded a meeting, your site’s search engine most likely can’t listen to the audio. But if it’s transcribed, the search engine knows exactly what is in the video. Depending on how long the meeting is, there might be valuable information on many topics that employees need to come back to later. No matter what your industry, transcribing events and meetings gives your employees easily accessible records without the need to take notes. You could use the transcript for marketing content later or to help with project management. Plus, many people remember things better when they read them rather than hearing them, so having training information in a tangible form can increase retention.

Improved Decision-Making

Often, companies have many planning or marketing sessions, and several people are usually present. There is an open forum for the participants to freely share their findings or beliefs. While this can be a great environment for coming up with new ideas, it can also be chaotic. Multiple people might be speaking, and many views are exchanged at the same time. It’s often difficult to grasp every idea during one of these sessions. But if you can record it, your startup’s management can review what went on and note anything that might have stood out. That helps them to make decisions since they’ll have clearer information to base the decision on.

It’s also helpful to have a record of how important decisions were made. There are potential legal issues when a deal with a client isn’t honored or when you have a disciplinary meeting with a staff member. Having this record makes it easier for a lawyer to trace how the decision was originally made, offering protection for your company.

Better Accessibility

People who have difficulty hearing need to be able to understand what’s being said, and that can be hard if there isn’t a transcription. It’s respectful and kind to include a transcript, no matter who works at your company. Better accessibility isn’t just for those who have trouble hearing. Managers, supervisors, and other leaders are experienced staff members, and ongoing training is essential. That will expose them to current trends and increase their skill levels. Recording your business meetings can provide training materials for these leaders. Not every staff member can attend each meeting, like a planning session with an expert. If a staff member can come back to the material later, they can help bring your strategic plan to life. That’s also more cost-effective for your startup because you won’t have to pay for as many training materials.