Useful Tips for Business School Freshmen

Useful Tips for Business School Freshmen
The Siliconreview
30 September, 2020

It takes business school students many months or even years to get enrolled into business administration program. As soon as they are in, they become wrapped up in a day-to-day routine and completely forget to think how they can use this time to the full advantage. 

Business schools offer a vast array of different benefits and opportunities. Without a clear plan, it is easy to get confused, disperse your attention and completely blow off the two years of studies. Austin McGrath, the recent MBA alumnus, agreed to share his way to the MBA success. 

Experiment and Try Different Roles

MBA schools offer lots of ways to try on different roles and obtain a variety of skills. Extracurricular classes may give you a chance to have a real on-the-job challenge in marketing, banking or consulting fields.  If you avail yourself of these opportunities yet as a student, you will leave the school having experience as a banker, accountant, marketer or more. Then you will have a solid foundation for choosing your career path and setting professional goals for the future. 

Use MBA Leverage

Many doors will open before you simply because you are a business school student. By playing this card alone, you can easier collect data, sit in the seminars, take part in the conferences and interview top-ranking individuals.  This becomes much harder when you are a corporate employee as your job position reveals your ulterior motives. So use your privilege to explore and find what really strikes your chords.

Focus On the Whole Picture

Driven by your ambitions, you may push yourself to dig into every detail of the academic material. But it’s a trap! More crucial, however, it is to master the skills and acquire the tool that will help you to be a shrewd interviewer, wise advisor and qualified risk management expert. 

Stay On Track with Your Goals

Always remind yourself why you decided to start MBA education. Jot down your main goals and review them on a regular basis to stay on the right track. Narrow down all possible options to a few most important ones. Focus on the skills that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers. In any case, by constantly bearing in mind your goals and wishes, you will reduce the unnecessary stress and grow your strengths in what can really bring you to your personal and professional success. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Choose in favor of the classes that seem awfully challenging, join the communities you never expected to see yourself in and make friendships with as many different people as possible. Pushing the limits is an essential component for your personal and academic growth. It will open your mind to new ideas and change your mindset, as well as help you create a network of connections that may prove valuable once you graduate. Additionally, it will keep you upbeat.  A comprehensive business school curriculum may ignite fear. However, constant inflow of new acquaintances and ideas will turn these two years into a useful and enjoyable experience. ‘During my second year, I offered a dissertation proposal writing service as an intern. I knew a lot about marketing strategies but writing was definitely out of my comfort zone. Together with my mentor, we made it work. I don’t write any more but it helped me to build a lot of skills for my career’, says Austin.

Do Informational Interviews

Seeking for the future professional opportunities, don’t see in-college corporate presentations as your only option. Instead, schedule interviews to collect information that will become a leg up when applying for a job and help you to win useful contacts. Learn a company’s dossier before the interview, make sure you know its scope, mission and partnerships. Awareness and true interest in the matter will surely impress your interview partners and help you avoid treating the conversation like an interrogation. Train on your group mates and professors first, so you can build more confidence. Then go an extra mile. Talk to the coming experts in your school or use LinkedIn to contact with professionals in your desired field and other masters in business administration. The more extensive network you have, the more likely that you find a job of your dream.

Choose a Hobby That Livens You Up and Hold On to It

Studying for an MBA is a full of pressure period that devours a lot of energy. The first few months, when you make many acquaintances and adjust to a new daily routine, may seem to drain you to the bottom. It is easy to disregard your personal wellness and get overwhelmed with all the issues that require your immediate concentration. You may find it really useful to schedule time for having a hobby or sticking to a routine that allows you to reset your mind and restore strength. It may be tennis, dancing or playing in a band. Doing something that you really enjoy will keep you sane and help to stay on track. 

Be Loyal to Yourself

Once you go for your business studies, you will find yourself in a setting with many different people and a bunch of opportunities. Soon, you may catch yourself on doing things you don’t enjoy or taking actions that get you away from your goals. It is important to have a mindful approach – trying new things may be exciting but make sure that you stay authentic.

Benchmark your personal progress based on where you began and how you’ve grown since then instead of comparing yourself to others. The charm of the MBA schools is that they attract the most brilliant minds from all over the world and therefore it is useless to have someone else’s example as a way to assess your success. Every student has unique talents, experiences and training. Instead, appreciate all the hard work you’ve done and focus on growing your strong points and preparing yourself for your future career.