3 Reasons Great Corporate Headshots Can Help Boost Website Performance

3 Reasons Great Corporate Headshots Can Help Boost Website Performance
The Siliconreview
05 October, 2020

If you work in marketing at a B2B organization, you likely spend the majority of your time thinking about how to improve the effectiveness of your #1 marketing asset...your website.

While great product photography, compelling copywriting, and customer reviews can all be effective drivers of improved website sales and leads - there’s one part of your website you might overlook.

Specifically, if you’re not investing and thinking about your corporate headshots, you might be missing a major opportunity to improve your overall marketing and brand image.

Here are three reasons corporate headshots are so important.

1 - Your corporate headshots get more visibility than you think 

Corporate headshots are about more than putting a face to a name. They’re about introducing the outside world to your employees, and building trust in their competence, friendliness, and professionalism.

Customers are more concerned with your employee’s credibility than you might think. 

In a recent study by Ko Marketing, 52% of respondents said that the first page they visited when browsing a company’s website was their About Us page. In most companies, the “About Us” page is the 2nd most visited page on their website.

Showcase your employees with headshots that accurately represent your brand, your business, and your mission.

2 - Clients will make a snap decision on your company’s credibility

When you’re trying to convert more visitors to your website, stunning corporate headshots can give you an edge.

According to most studies on the matter, humans create our first impressions of others in as little as one tenth of a second. If you think that every potential customer is going to read through a long and nuanced description of your company’s qualifications and work history - you’re kidding yourself.

In reality, most potential customers will make a nearly instantaneous decision about whether or not they want to work with your brand. So it makes sense to invest in that first impression!

Customers love visuals, and they play a key role in how potential customers make decisions. All else being equal, if your team members appear more competent, credible, and friendly than your competitors’ - you’re going to win more deals.

3 - Done right, the ROI is almost always massive

On the low-end, corporate headshots can cost as little as $100 per employee, and on the high-end, as much as $750 per employee. Depending on the size of your company and the exposure these photos garner, they can be a great investment on either end.

For most companies, if great corporate headshots led to a 1% increase in the conversion rate of website visitors - they would be one of the most profitable investments your company made this year. 

But, corporate headshots won’t just improve the conversion rate of website visitors, but they can also help individual employees hit their sales targets.

According to a study published by HeadShots Inc, a new professional headshot can lead clients to believe a salesperson is 76% more competent at their job. That’s a huge lift for a $100 to $200 one-time investment in headshots.

So then, doesn’t it make sense for every customer facing employee to have a great corporate headshot? 


Thanks for reading! We hope this guide helped you decide if corporate headshots are a good investment for your team.