5 Drivers of Open Source Software Market Growth Through 2020

5 Drivers of Open Source Software Market Growth Through 2020
The Siliconreview
15 October, 2020

There are several drivers of open source software market growth through 2020. According to reports, open-source software adoption is one of the biggest contributors to company success. In addition, data shows that the top 25% of open source adoption multiplies company innovation. Essentially, the fastest growing companies both use and actively develop open-source programs. Often, this growth signals lasting and effective digital solutions. As an enterprise owner in the tech industry, you need to know what factors are driving this growth.  This way, you can keep up with the latest innovations and increase your earnings. Read on to discover several drivers of open source software market growth in 2020.

Productivity Suites

Productivity suites are driving open source software market growth in 2020. Typically, many of these free application sets support documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In addition, they support diagrams and databases as well. Depending on your company preferences, there are cloud-based and downloadable applications available. Many businesses are actually turning to downloadable office apps. Often, these programs offer more frequent tool updates. For instance, one major downloadable productivity suite recently added a QR code generator tool to easily create mobile links. Certainly, productivity suites' robust tools and frequent updates are driving growth in the 2020 open source software market.

Content Management

Next, content management is another primary factor increasing open source software market growth in 2020. Whether you are powering an ecommerce site or an online magazine, enterprise content management is likely at the heart of your website. For instance, WordPress is among the world' most popular blogging platform, fueling over 200 million websites. With this open-source software, you can access a wide array of plugins to upgrade your blogs into other types of sites. In addition, open source content management systems are often the backbone of SEO web traffic strategies. With people spending more time at home, this continues to be a growing open source software platform. Surely, this open source software is fueling 2020 market growth.


In addition, open source storage systems are also driving 2020 market growth. Namely, object-relational database systems are streamlining data management. For instance, PostgreSQL is one database solution that supports large amounts of data. With geospatial support and unrestricted concurrency, PostgreSQL is highly efficient when running extensive data analyses across multiple data types. Additionally, it also integrates with various web and desktop administration tools, such as pgAdmin. With this tool, you can optimize your database accessibility with its fast datagrid for displaying and entering information. Undoubtedly, these efficient storage solutions are propelling open source software market growth this year.


Moreover, customer relationship management (CRM) software is another major driving force for open source software market growth in 2020. With CRM software, companies can manage their customer interactions in one single location. In this way, enterprises can improve customer case. This is essential to increase client satisfaction rates as well as earnings. Plus, open source CRM software makes it easier to maintain organization. Often, you can access quoting, invoicing, and lead management features. Of course, this simplifies management procedures and allows you to keep more accurate records. For this reason, CRM software is now becoming essential for many upcoming companies. In this way, CRM is driving open source software market growth in 2020.


Furthermore, wireframing is also driving market growth for open source software. You can use wireframes to create your best website layouts. Today, many companies are turning to open source software to create wireframes for their website layouts. For example, many businesses are using free GUI prototyping tools to easily generate mockups. With these tools, you can commonly access built-in shape collections for desktop and mobile user interfaces. Typically, Android and iOS stencils are pre-installed. Some of these may include flowchart elements, desktop/web UI shapes, and basic design graphics. This makes it easier to start prototyping your applications. Naturally, open source wireframing software is expanding market growth in 2020.

There are several drivers of open source software market growth through 2020. For example, many companies are utilizing free productivity suites to create documents and spreadsheets. In addition, content management is also a major driving force growing open source software use. Next, advanced storage systems are also pushing businesses towards open source software. Moreover, CRM software is also driving open source market growth. Furthermore, open source wireframing software's advanced prototype tools are also pushing market growth. Consider these points to learn the most influential drivers of open source software market growth in 2020.