All you need to know about warzone

All you need to know about warzone
The Siliconreview
19 October, 2020

With millions of admirers and players across the globe, Warzone has been literally rocking the game world. It is free-to-play and is among the latest released versions. Not much time has passed since its arrival, and yet, its fan base is on fire.

If you are among them and are willing to sharpen your skills, strategies, and much more, then this article is perfect for you. We are here to tell you some really simple yet interesting tips and tricks so that you go ahead and grab that winner title!

Here’s All you need to know about warzone-

  • Understand the area and also ‘trial by fire’-

Always keep in mind that the area which you choose to land on will determine the other aspects of the game. Just grab the map and look for the region where the shrinking gas circle begins. This will assist you in deciding where the predominant population is arriving from and also is a plus-point to help you with your gun’s aim.

If you are not very sure about actually implementing this tactic in the real game, go for the ‘trial by fire’ round to get a little idea and practice your skills. You will then be conveniently able to learn fighting in the crowds, but you will have to pick up a clever spot, always.

  • Coordination and sharing makes a good team-

This game requires a team, and hence, coordination is a big thing. Solo fighting is great. You may be equipped with few armors and other ammunition, but as soon as you notice your teammates being idled without any types of equipment, go ahead and leave some of yours for them to pick-up and get back to action.

Also, make effective use of different features that will act as your warzone boost. But have you ever considered buying a war zone boost service? Well, you should! It gets you going like a legit superhero and not just that, they provide you little teaching lessons on how things can be made better for you. They are trustworthy because not just you, but a thousand people avail them and reap the best benefits out of their services.

  • Be clever as you get down from your parachute-

Every one of us knows the parachute is the popping out method as soon as we jump out of the cargo plane. Firstly, as we mentioned before, choose a correct spot and aim for a smooth landing.

Make sure that as you jump/fall, for more thrust and speed to cover up, cutting the chords immediately is the best option. Secondly, as you do this, there is some time for you to grab the beginning pistol so that you can watch out for the other people falling, and hence, you become the ultimate opportunist!


We really hope that our readers have found the ‘All you need to know about warzone ‘ article beneficial in some way or the other. These are very simple tips and tricks that you can try out and get effective results for a better gaming experience. Remember, cooperating with your squad and some boosting services will always help you.

Happy gaming to you!