Finding an SEO Expert in London

Finding an SEO Expert in London
The Siliconreview
21 October, 2020

6 Things to Consider

Avoid Gurus

Have Goals And KPIs

References And Reviews

Black Hats And Red Flags

Good Communication

Ask For Examples

Bonus - Free Offers

So you’ve decided to look for an SEO expert in London, fantastic!                                                                                                                                            

You might just be looking to outsource your SEO campaign to anyone. Or, you might want someone specifically in London. Either way, there are certain things you should always be looking for.

Below, we’ve come up with 6 things that you should always bear in mind when outsourcing SEO.

1.  Avoid Gurus

We’ll start by saying this - SEO is not magic. So avoid anyone who says that they have the SEO ‘secret sauce’. Steer clear of anyone who won’t show you exactly what’s happening to your page and why.

SEO practices, and results, are grounded in evidence, and there’s no trick to it. However, it requires due diligence and keeping up to speed with changes in the field.

2.  Have Goals and KPIs

‘More traffic’. Sadly, that isn’t going to cut it. Plus, only getting more traffic, or a higher ranking is not a goal in of itself. These are vague, and ultimately, bad examples of goals.

It’s essential to sit down with your team and look at your numbers. Communicate your goals and KPIs effectively to whoever you’re outsourcing to.

Maybe you want to increase eBook downloads or the number of people signing up for a free trial? Perhaps you want to improve the trust and sentiment surrounding your brand online. Maybe recently your good reviews have just gotten lost under some bad ones.

These are clearer, more actionable goals. Remember that, in giving your SEO expert the most precise picture, you’ll ensure a better ROI. After all, your choice of an SEO expert can have consequences for your business growth.

Don’t fall for vague goal promises either. Look for more realistic, quantifiable targets. For example, can they double your organic traffic in 90 days?

3.  References and Reviews

Like the previous example, you’ll want to check the reviews surrounding your SEO agency or expert. If there’s more of a community surrounding them online, they’re going to be easier to trust. Remember, this is your business, your baby.

Look for reviews on sites like Glassdoor. You could even look for satisfied clients and employees. Another indicator of a good SEO expert is their word of mouth referrals. A lot of SEO experts may be too busy with clients to optimize their page. How ironic!

4.  Black Hats and Red Flags

You want to improve your rankings, but not at the cost of your site’s integrity.

We call any practices that do mess with this integrity, ‘black hat tactics’. This links back to point #1 - avoid gurus. Did someone say that they can quadruple your website traffic in a week? Chances are it will be because of these methods.

Black hat tactics are lazy and outdated techniques. They’re things like keyword stuffing and spamming low quality, irrelevant content. Know what to look for when someone’s selling something too good to be true!

5.  Good Communication

If you’re looking for an SEO expert in London, you might be torn between an agency or a single consultant.

Hiring an agency is perfectly fine, but either way, you’ll want to know who your port of call is. Who’s the actual person that’s going to be optimizing your SEO for you? Have you met them? Are they responsive?

You want someone who is going to meet deadlines and be on the ball. Make sure to set for parameters for how, and how often you’ll communicate. Will it be solely by email, or WhatsApp as well?

6.  Ask For Examples

It’s useful to see how the SEO expert that you’re considering gets on with people. In the end, though, you’ll want to see what clear-cut improvements they can offer your business. You know what you want them to do - it’s time to see their track record.

Ask for examples of SEO campaigns that they’ve run. Have a look at similar brands in your field that they’ve helped out. Then you can start asking questions. Like, how long until you can see some change in your traffic/downloads/sign-ups?

Bonus - Free Offers

Think about what an SEO expert is willing to offer you before you even start working with them. Maybe they can run a free SEO audit of your site. Then you’ll have a clearer picture of what they’re going to improve, and where.

SEO is a fast-paced, high-stakes game that brands need to engage with. You can try and tackle it on your own, but it’s easy to stuff up. Plus, there are plenty of reasons why outsourcing to an SEO agency or expert is a smart move.

Deepak Shukla, for one, is the founder of Pearl Lemon. They’re an award-winning London-based SEO agency, and he’s a pure SEO expert. He spends his time helping businesses to grow through results-driven SEO.