PowerCloud Brings the Cloud to a New Level

PowerCloud Brings the Cloud to a New Level
The Siliconreview
23 October, 2020

Technology is changing so fast that is being improved before it has a chance to become ubiquitous. We all know the biggest advantages of the cloud: access to your virtual resources at any time and from anywhere, scalability, savings compared to on-premises infrastructure, and a ready-made environment which you can use immediately. How can it be even better?

Powerful technology for the future

The cloud is perfect for everyday business, but there are companies that need more. Artificial intelligence and machine learning become increasingly important and the amount of data produced by a growing number of devices (smart watches, IoT home equipment, industrial sensors, and so on) continues to grow. Therefore, efficient data processing is a challenge. Thankfully, there is already a solution at hand: POWER9 processors by IBM, designed for the data-driven world.

Data are among the most valuable assets in our post-industrial world, and IT companies from the FAAMG group (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google) are the highest-earning companies in that respect. In just 10 years they have changed the rules of the game, making customized advertisements, re-targeting and positioning new foundations of marketing. According to Gartner, digital business is set to be replaced by an algorithmic-based model, which will require tools capable of solving complex issues in fields such as medical diagnosis, predictive analysis and manufacturing.

Behind all the breathtaking possibilities of this new era lies infrastructure – a hardware base. IBM Power systems, with servers utilizing extremely fast processors based on POWER infrastructure, represent a technology that addresses the challenges of today’s business environment better than traditional x86 infrastructure. Power Systems were designed years ago, but have been constantly developed and improved as our understanding of what “a lot” of data really means. From the very beginning, these systems were dedicated to enterprises. Now they have another competitive feature: POWER9 processors, with their industry-exclusive CPU to GPU high-speed NVIDIA NVLink interface, PCIe Gen4 for non-volatile storage access, and the OpenCAPI interface, which offers high bandwidth communication to NICs and FPGA accelerators.  Compared to traditional x86 infrastructure, the result is up to 9.5 times more memory and as many as four times the number of threads per core.

The top performance makes it perfect for all organizations that require extremely fast transfer and use latency-sensitive applications, in sectors such as healthcare, finance and insurance. POWER9 processors bring even more possibilities to the platform, which is very important in business environments. Indeed, 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the platform to run their most critical systems. Tencet states that Alibaba and PayPal achieved 30% increased efficiency and saved 30% of resources by implementing Power Systems in their data centers.

The change is happening now

It’s par for the course that the amazing possibilities of new technology now become immediately used in the cloud. Since 2019, Power Systems have been available not only as on-premises products, but have been combined with the cloud to make new, more cost-efficient, scalable solutions ready to handle advanced deep learning and AI processes. However, IBM Power cloud platform is not the only option in this respect. IBM Platinum technological partner, Comarch, one of the biggest IT companies in Poland, offers its own cloud built on its proprietary hardware using IBM Power architecture.

Comarch PowerCloud is a solution dedicated to businesses that need their cloud even faster and more secure. Available in private, public or hybrid cloud models according to client requirements, this solution and the pay as you go pricing model were designed according to the business needs of modern companies which want to be more agile in order to react swiftly to rapid increases in demand, or need to work on a new product and bring it to market faster than their competitors. They opt for Opex investment strategy instead of investing much capital in on-premises infrastructure, and the cloud is one of the best ways to realize this approach in IT. Today, every industry must be very sensitive to their customers’ needs and desires, and IT is no different. In short, PowerCloud is a result of improving a technology (the cloud) that was already assumed to be perfect – and given the pace of change in IT, we can be sure that it won’t be the last word on the subject.

Dagmara Skomra, Product Manager at Comarch ICT